About Revee

Hi, I am Revee Rapallo. I started this blog NALULUNODAKO (“I am drowning”) when I was at the latter part of my 3rd year in college. That time, I put up this blog for the sake of having to write my thoughts and make it available online.


Currently, I am a yuppie employed in an FMCG company. I used to actively take part on student affairs when I was in college by becoming part of the student council. I took up Industrial Engineering in UP.

Well as you can see, I am not taking this blog as serious as others do. But just in case you happen to bump into this site, I hope you get inspired — inspired to dream, to travel, to live, and to dare. I hope it also inspires you to take life tougher than you did yesterday. But most of all, I hope this inspires you to make each moment of your life count.

For your reference, I believe that life is more than survival, that the heart is more than a muscle, that we can know right from wrong, and all our lives can always make a difference.


Most entries are candid, and I just write whatever is in my head the moment I write about that entry. Just like this page.

Caution: You can find rants, some sort of immature posts, and useless thoughts. You can just reclassify them to “uninspiring posts”!


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