Jomalig, Quezon Itinerary / Guide 3D/2N [Under Construction]

Jomalig Island, an island which name itself is enchanting, is off the coast of Quezon. When you look at the map, you will see that it is situated in the Pacific Ocean. From the town of Real, it took us four grueling hours of boat ride to reach the island. If you want to visit this place, then you would have to be heart-ready to endure the long boat ride.

This Jomalig trip was even more endearing even in the planning time. A few weeks before this trip, I thought of booking a flight to Western Mindanao, but my work load that week came a bit overwhelmingly, and I forgot to get a flight. Two nights before, I started seeking for joiner groups headed to Jomalig, yet all the groups I contacted were full. Tired from contacting different tour groups, I accepted the fact that driving to Real would be the next best thing. One of the tour groups that I contacted was nice enough to give me the contact number of their boat driver so I could contact them once I arrive in Real port.

Grabbing two friends, I left Manila at 12MN hoping to catch the earliest boat headed to Jomalig. Prior to leaving Manila, I made contact with the boat driver and he confirmed with me that I am counted to the number of allowed passengers on the boat. The weather was not that good as it was drizzling when we left.

If it rains when we arrive there, then we would not be able to set up our tent! One of the thing that I was looking forward to was setting up our tent.

We reached Real port at 4AM, and we looked for a parking space for rent at the port. We were unlucky in getting a space on the within the port’s parking. Luckily, we talked to a tricycle driver whose friend leases his vacant lot. As others did, we left the vehicle key to the parking space owner. Whereas there are multiple parking spaces available near the port, you must make it earlier as they are limited especially on peak season. The tricycle driver then brought us to the port.

Although we got on the boat at 430AM, it only sailed at 6AM. Since it was peak season, boat drivers were expecting many tourists. Every ticking minute, people were becoming less and less patient. My sleepiness was greater than the amount of my impatience, so I just slept it off.

At 7AM, the crew of the boat began distributing the breakfast: adobo and rice. The adobo tasted very bland! If you are very particular on the taste of your food, then bring some snacks while on the boat. If you decide to drive at 12MN, then I doubt you would even think much of the food.


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