On Death Penalty: Handa Ka Na Ba Pumatay?

Will share some thoughts on Death Penalty in light of religion and politics (two sensitive topics that a lot of people try to avoid)!

There have already been many arguments for and against Death Penalty that have surfaced (in case you don’t know, take time to read more about it). But allow me to compare the situation now to a story that is close to many Filipinos: Jesus’ Death Penalty (hey, Pacquiao used this card as well).

I know you felt much angst during the scene when people were shouting ‘Barabas!’ instead of saving Jesus. That’s the angst hopefully people will remember. Are the people to blame that time? Partially, but it was how they decided to serve justice that time, yes, and it was faulty.

Right now, same with 2000 years ago, we have a very faulty justice system (or a slow one) as well– De Lima is a political prisoner, 7K people are killed (summary executions) without due process, Aguirre is taunting people to put Trillanes to jail, PGMA is now back, Court of Appeals is corrupted, RTC judges expedite politically-loaded decisions, and there’s just so much more!

Sa panahong hindi mapagkakatiwalaan ang Hustisya sa ating bayan, hahayaan ba natin na magkaroon ng Parusang Kamatayan? Paano tayo malalayo sa mga taong sumusigaw ng ‘Barabas!’? Paano ka naiiba sa kanila?

Handa ka na ba pumatay?


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