Thoughts on the Movie I’m Drunk, I Love You

  1. Travel, candid convo with friends, beach, drama, music, humor and alcholol in one movie! Tell me kung ano pang mas hihigit dyan?
  2. IDILY managed to break my heart as if it knew a part of my life in bits. As far as I know, I only told stories to a few friends. It’s a trip to the painful memories! Pero tinapos pa rin.
  3. The story is a millenial one, not in the sense the media has painted millenials to be, but the one that exercises empowerment. Here’s a lady who finally told she loves a guy. Here’s also a guy who felt joining a 3some (deemed ‘weird’) is right.
  4. It’s like someone actually laced Maja’s drinks on their epic 2008-2015-story-telling scene. Effective! Even the part where Maja spilled a shot.
  5. Dio and Jason Ty were highly contrasted thru their shirts (basic tee vs short-sleeve polo).
  6. We will have many Pathy’s in our lives. Someone will be chosen over us — in career, in love, in friendships, in queues, and in many things. Better hold on.
  7. We have that FilChi friend (Jason Ty) whom we call with last name.
  8. Dio is Carson’s Bagnet (masarap kainin pero masama sa puso) IRL, and enjoyed it kahit panis na (nakaraming mahaharot na si Dio).
  9. To all those who pity Carson, I think Dio is the real loser of it all. At the end, Carson, Jason Ty and Pathy knew what they want to do with their lives, while Dio vaguely chose a life for himself.
  10. The closing song (Burnout) by 3D was a mix of deepest sadness (O kay tagal din kitang minahaaaaal) and the joys of letting go (Graduate na ako!). The song ate me alive, and I enjoyed every moment of it.

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