Twin Lakes of Negros Oriental (Dumaguete) Guide

So here is a site that will be less sensitive with weather condition when you visit Dumaguete!


From Dapitan, we arrived in Dumaguete at 515AM, and reached Bais by 630AM. The gloomy weather preempted us that it was not the best time to hit the shore.

We have already conditioned our mind to check out the Manjuyod sandbar and watch dolphins. But the time that we reached the supposed jump off point, our hearts were broken as the strong waves did not allow anyone to ‘sail’. It was 9AM, we were wearing our beach attire, and we didn’t know what to do.

After googling and ENCOURAGING one another, tada, we reached Twin Lake. It was freezing cold!!! So here’s a picture of us with our BEACH GEAR!


How did we get there?

Twin Lakes (Lake Balinsasayao and Lake Danao) is located kilometers up the mountain, and getting there means riding a vehicle.

From Dumaguete City, ride a bus bound for Bais or San Carlos. Get off at San Jose (just tell that you are going to Twin Lakes). There’s a signage to help you mark the jumpoff spot. It should be around 30mins max from  the city.

Then, ride a habal-habal from the mountain foot.

What did we do?

For me, there’s not much to do actually, since the temperature was really cold. Since of the two lakes, Lake Balinsasayao was the first one (and the more accessible one), we decided to check out Lake Danao.

You have two options to get there: trek and boat. Since it was really muddy that time, we decided to ride a paddled boat for Php200. There’s a viewing deck in the middle of the two lakes good for a few minutes of chat.

Other things to do:

  • Swim – you need to sign a waiver
  • More paddle boating



How much did we spend?

  • Bus – ~Php20/person
  • Habal-habal – Php300/person (to and back)
  • Entrance Fee and Parking – Php35



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