The Pink Sand Beach of Sta. Cruz Island, Zamboanga City

Sta Cruz Island has been a trivial place to me since 2013. Known for its ‘pink sand’, the island marked itself in the PH map. Locals say that it is only nowadays that the island has been open to beachgoers due to safety concern back then.

The island is a 15-min boat ride from Zamboanga City mainland.


How to get there?

Step 1: Fly to Zamboanga City.

Step 2: From your hotel, just ride a tricycle and tell the driver to get you to the port going to Sta Cruz Island. The terminal is near Fort Pilar.


How much did we spend?

  • Terminal Fee – Php5/person
  • Entrance Fee – Php100/person
  • Boat – Php1000/boat (They say it can fit up to 10 people but I think it’s more of just good for 6)
  • Cottage – Php100 to 500 (Depending on the size)

What did we do?

Bum. We spent 5 to 6 hours in the island.

For other activities, get in touch with the Department of Tourism, or just ask the people in the terminal.


What did we eat?

When we reached the terminal, we saw families and barkada with ready-to-eat food with them. We brought fastfood meals with us, and bottled water.

There’s no food in the island so make sure you come prepared!


  • For an unhabited island, the bathroom is clean and has steady supply of water.
  • Don’t get scared of the policemen/military. They’re there to protect you and the island.
  • The terminal people are generally nice. So no hassle in transacting with them.
  • Make it early. There’s a max number of people allowed per day.








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