Lunch Overlooking the Mountains

It was around lunchtime when we reached the entry point of the Twin Lakes. We were hungry, our phone batteries were down, but our spirits were very up there. We saw a signage of Azalea Restaurant, and Mars told that it would be nice to ear lunch there.

After 15mins of habal-habal ride, we reached Azalea! At first, you will think it would just be a regular dining place, just lost in the mountains. But as I set foot on the main area, I was literally struck by the wind.


The view was just stunning. Tables are placed by the verranda where you can fully enjoy the scene. The greens of the mountain will play with your eyes, and the shores of Negros will keep you smiling the whole time.


The food was average, and there’s no unique offering. But somehow, the view really made the food and the time we spent here extra delicious.


From our plan to just eat lunch quickly — we were headed to Twin Lakes — we found ourselves enjoying the moment and spending a little more time.


After realizing that we actually overstayed, we rushed to our habal-habal and headed to Twin Lakes!

Go and have your lunch here as well. It’s just a 15 to 30 mins away from Dumaguete City!


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