Lakawon Island, Cadiz City, Negros Occidental Guide

I reached Bacolod at 2AM (from Bais/Dumaguete). After two nights of sleeping on the road, I finally got to sleep in an actual bed at The Hostelry!

LPA was all over the place which poured a lot of water and covered the sky with dark clouds. But when I got off the bus, I saw sparkles in the sky — stars! I took that as a sign that the sky would finally clear up.

Apparently, when I woke up, the sky has not cleared yet. That time, the idea of Lakawon shattered a bit. I called Lakawon and the staff advised that there was no boat sailing from the mainland to the island. Woke up my buddies, and headed to L’Fisher Hotel for breakfast (we ordered Chorizo for Php250, and I think we just ate the worst one in the world).

After our great disappointment on our breakfast, we ate luscious cake! We were already planning for alternate places to go to. One more try, I called Lakawon, and they advised that boat started to sail! Upon hearing that, we rapidly finished the sweets and headed back to the hostel. Lakawon was happening!


How did we get there?

  • Step 1: Go to Bacolod City
  • Step 2: From Bacolod City, ride a tricycle going to Ceres Northbound Bus Terminal.
  • Step 3: Ride a Cadiz-bound bus (1.5hr). Tell your ‘konduktor’ that you’re going to Lakawon and drop you off where you can ride a tricycle.
  • Step 4: Ride a tricycle going to the port. There are lots of tricycle there so do not worry. You can rent a tricycle for Php100, but if you’re willing to wait for other visitors, you can get it for a cheaper cost.
  • Step 5: Pay fees and boat cost. Then ride the passenger boat going to Lakawon!


How much did we spend?

  • Bacolod-Cadiz Bus: Php 95 x 2 = Php 190
  • Lakawon Boat and Entrance Fee (Roundtrip): Php280 (Passenger)
  • Tricycle: Php100 x 2 = Php 160


What did we do?

Upon reaching the island, we were asked to go first to the island resort’s office to register and pay rental for huts and all.

A hut would cost Php600 (divide by 3 is Php200), but a stay in Tawhai Floating Bar is Php250 per person (came with free drink). Considering the economy of it, we chose the floating bar.

KEY ACTIVITY in Tawhai: Bum.

The music in the floating bar was chill and fit the laidback vibe of the whole boat.


The other things you can do:

  • Swim.
  • Snorkeling.
  • Jetski.


Going back to Tawhai which I liked a lot.

Food: The bar serves food at a very reasonable price. Pasta costs Php100+, Beverage at Php60+, Beer at ~Php75.

You can stay in the floating boat during your whole stay in Lakawon. And eat, bask under the sky.


The weather favored our day-trip-only in Lakawon. And may it favor yours too.


Where to stay?

Check this out:



  • You can call Lakawon and know if boats are sailing.
  • You can bring food but they charge corkage at Php50.



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