Traveling Alone Tidbits of Learning

(I am typing this in the middle of the sea, somewhere between Mindoro and Batangas.)

I am finishing my 8-day travel now, the longest I ever had so far. This travel is very different from the other travels I had as this is very purposive. I aim to be refreshed.

I would like to believe that I am now refreshed. I feel pumped up and energized.

Let me share with you three things that I learned (re-learned) in this travel:

  1. Embrace differences. When I was in Zamboanga, I learned that multiple groups of people live together in the largest city of the peninsula. Despite the differences, the people of Zambo managed to live harmoniously together putting a big respect among each other.

In our lives, we meet different people yet we are very quick to put them in our mold of morality and expectation. We are quick to judge, and see the blemish of other people. We see more differences, than similarities.

As we meet people in our lives, I hope we give more time to listen to people, and take them as they are. Let us embrace differences rather than putting a wall.

  1. Bringing Your Own Weather. We were very excited to go to Manjuyod Bar in Bais, but the weather did not permit us. Wearing our beach attire, we went to the Twin Lake (up in the mountain, and the temperature was really cold due to rains).

Though it was raining/cloudy, we made the best of our stay in Bais by bringing up the spirit of each one, and coming up with a solution as a Team. If it’s raining, where do we go?

As they say, life is full of surprises. One day, you find yourself extremely celebrating, then the next day, you face a weight. We must keep ourselves intact and always remember to bring our own weather. Put summer in the rainy days. Let us make the most out of whatever situation we get ourselves into.

  1. Beauty in Simplicity. My travel to Capiz was very calming. Roxas City is not highly visited, but had its own charm. People were warm, and they seem like not very used to tourists!

In this age of Social Media, people talk a lot about themselves. I have also met people who are very fond of telling things about themselves even offline. My travel to Capiz taught me about simplicity and finding joy and contentment without seeking the approval of other people.

We don’t find joy outside, but inside. We decide to be joyful, and not wait for other people to do it for us. The world will not make its way to put a smile in you. We have to decide to smile, and be calm.

In this travel, I visited different attractive places, experienced the sun and the rain, touched by the heat and the cold, traveled on land and water, and talked to different people. What I did differently is I geared up my ears to listen and my eyes to observe. I parallelized the experiences to my real life.

Our next adventure can be the next set of learnings if we could be purposive on it!


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