Batanes Day 1: North Batan

Click this: Link to Summary of Batanes Trip

We began our Day 1 with an ‘Ivatan’ lunch. Our dessert was our tour guide’s introduction and stories about Batanes.

After that, we quickly hit the road. That was the time I asked myself “Is Batanes really happening now?!”.

Here’s the list of the places you can visit in North Batan:

  • Basco Town tour
  • Vayang Rolling Hills (Good for Sunset)
  • Lighthouse in Naidi Hills
  • Boulder Beach in Chanpan Valugan
  • WWII Japanese Hideout/Tunnel
  • Basco Idjang Viewing
  • Fundacion Pacita Nature Lodge
  • PAGASA “Tukon” Radar Station
  • Mt. Carmel Chapel

The wind was blowing hard when we reached the Rolling Hills. Any miscalculated step will literally make you roll on the hills. We had to hold on to rocks, plants/stems, and almost anything sturdier than our feet so just we can take pictures.



Our next stop was the lighthouse just around the vicinity of Rolling Hills.

This is the Station Ruins by the lighthouse


Next big ticket was the Boulder Beach. We only stayed there for 15minutes. It is not the regular nice-looking beach with white fine sand, but somehow, it found a way to me that I actually want to go back to this place._dsc1512

On Day 3, since I had extra time after the Sabtang Island tour, I decided to revisit a few of the sites we visited on Day1 because of better weather condition!

Mt. Carmel Church — my favorite church building in the Philippines
Lighthouse in Naidi Hills
Trekking the Rolling Hills peacefully (an only few people were there!)
Mt. Iraya
Sunset viewing in Rolling Hills
Conqured Batanes!

Amazing Batanes, isn’t it?


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