Baler Weekend Summary/Itinerary

Seems like everyone in my situation has been to Baler. #surfer

I was very interested with Baler, but not really willing to go to Baler especially on Summer since everyone’s headed to this place (despite the off-season time of surfing). I get to know people visiting this place, but interestingly, they do not tell much story about this place.

Sabang Beach (Baler) offers a long strip of restos along the shore. After that strip of restos, you will see different hostels / inns ranging from home-looking to your regular hostel with ‘travel’ vibe. Upon arrival, I felt like it was mainstream and un-mainstream at the same time.

Mainstream because a lot of people go to the place and that it very commercialized. Un-mainstream because you can meet / see people who have really embraced the place for what it was and is.

My top-of-mind in Baler would be 1) Surfing and 2) Food.

What to do in Baler?


Day 1:

Do not miss out Kusina Luntian! It’s restaurant serving Liempo and all sorts of food that will give you the summer comfort you need via appetite.

There were many restaurants in Baler which I honestly think are equal as they depend really on what you want to eat in Baler. As I know, there’s no particular cuisine in Baler that you should really dig in. For me, it’s the variety of choice. Go resto hopping! Food is generally mid-range so you can definitely do this.

For the tour on Day 1, we decided to hire a tricycle as were exhausted from the long drive, which I discourage if you have a vehicle with you. You can quickly locate the attractions through Google Maps. We hired him for Php 600, and our tricycle driver barely guided us. He just dropped us near the starting point of Mother Falls and we were the ones who asked people on what to do.

Travel via motorcycle really took long so I recommend you do it as early as you can. If you have a car, again, just Google it and save time.

Note: If you have seen nice waterfalls in the past, I think you may want to skip the Mother Falls. There are lots of people there (it’s actually like a Fiesta), and the foot of the waterfalls is not big enough for the amount of people.

11PM Leave Manila
7AM Arrive in Baler
7AM-11AM Super Early Check-in / Quick sleep in your Car
11AM-1PM Lunch
1PM-6PM Tour (Falls, Overlooking) Manila-ward

  • Mother Falls (Dimatubo Falls) – trek for an hour
  • Baler Museum
  • Ermita Hill (Overlooking)
6PM onwards Dinner, socials, stargazing




Day 2:

7AM-11AM Surf and Tour Eastward

  • Try sunrise viewing here
11AM-12PM Lunch
12PM onwards Return to Manila

Seeking for a strong comeback from the headache of our tricycle driver aka tour guide who haggled for more pay, we drove randomly to Diguisit. Surprisingly, the place was serene and the only people there were local tourists from nearby towns. We took a stop in a very chill and nice resort near the Diguisit islets.

Since the tide was low, we walked to the islands and relentlessly took pictures of ourselves. We very much enjoyed every part of it.

If I am coming back to Baler, I would probably going back here.


As you can see, I did not mention surfing. Well, I did not surf. The drive was exhausting.

How much did I spend?

  • Drive – Gas + Toll
  • Hotel – 1 night – Php 750 (shared)
  • Food – 6 meals x Php 200 – Php 1,200
  • Tour – Php600 / 4 = Php 150


Baler, for me, has its own charm that attracted different people especially the people who are into surfing. For beachgoers who want a jampacked and very lively shore, Baler is the place for you. But for people who would want a more serene shore experience, I do not recommend Baler.


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