Taipei, Taiwan for 3 Days (Summary/Itinerary)

I spent 3 Days and 3 Nights in Taiwan!

I went to Taipei on a Friday night in January. I was quite loaded that time in terms of workload as I just moved to a new role. So after closing items for that day, I rushed to the airport with my backpack. I never checked the weather in Taiwan so I just wore a cloth-type shoe (TOMS) and brought a cotton jacket.

Upon arrival, everything felt fine. Taiwan’s airport was spacious, but a bit of a maze-type as you exit. As you go to the bus terminal at the ground floor, it can be a bit confusing as there were many counters/windows of buses, so it is really important that you ask your hotel which bus to take.

Upon payment and notice that the bus was ready to load passengers, I got out the door, and reality kicked in! The temperature outside was way way colder, and it was raining hard. The feel was zero to four degrees!

It was already midnight in Taipei and though there were street lights, they were very minimal. It was raining hard so it was more difficult to move around and look for my hostel. I used Google map to locate my hostel, but when I got near the place, it required me to cross the street. I was already soaking in the rain, and my feet were freezing as my cloth shoes were very wet as well.

I saw an underpass, so I tried it, but it was closed. Also, street people were sleeping on the stairs of the underpass, and some of them actually stared at me which got a bit scary. I got out. I was just afraid to commit jaywalking in Taiwan. So I came back to the open area with more rain. I approached 3-4 people passing by the street, but they did not understand English.

I moved a little more, and tada! Finally, I found a pedestrian lane. That whole struggle took about an hour.

Day 0: Flight to Taipei

I happily slept in a hostel. But since Taiwan is known for fast internet, of course, I downloaded TV series!

Generally, I just wanted to know Taiwan, and the only top-of-mind place I wanted to see was Taipei 101. Aside from that, I was very much limited by my clothes.

Day 1: 

7AM-8AM Breakfast
8AM-9AM Walk around and en route to Taipei 101
9AM-11AM Queued for Taipei 101 Ticket
11AM-12NN Lunch at Taipei 101
12NN-5PM Historical Trip (Liberty Square, National Chiang Kai-shek)
5PM-6PM Return to Taipei 101
6PM-8PM Top of Taipei 101 City View
8PM onwards Night Market for Dinner









Day 2:

7AM-8AM Breakfast
8AM-9AM Walk to Bus Station Bound for Yehliu
9AM-12PM Yehliu
12PM-1PM Lunch Near Train Station
1PM-5PM National Taiwan Museum, Walk Around the City
5PM-6PM Transfer to Night Market
6PM onwards Night Market for Dinner (I bought thicker jacket)


_DSC4157 _DSC4110 _DSC4087



Day 3: Historical (and pre-historic) Museum and Tech Shops!

7AM-8AM Breakfast
8AM-9AM Transfer to National Palace Museum
9AM-12PM National Palace Museum
12PM-1PM Lunch Near Train Station
1PM-5PM Walk Around the City, Shop at the Tech Store / Building (Really affordable Hard Drives!)
5PM-6PM Transfer to Night Market
6PM onwards Night Market for Dinner (I had a very relaxing foot massage after dinner)

_DSC4356 _DSC4342 _DSC4267 _DSC4220 _DSC4195

My Taipei was a bit different from the other trips I had as it was less physical (aside from the millions of steps of walking around the city). The two things that caught me were 1) Food — as a Filipino wherein I am brought up with the mix of strong Asian taste, with American touch, and very much influenced by Spanish cooking, I can say that food in Taiwan generally appeals to people (vs Hong Kong and Macau) 2) History — I understood further the complexity of the love-hate relationship of mainland China and Taiwan, which rooted way before us.

How much did I spend?

OK, this part, I actually forgot. Taiwan is budget-friendly especially for Filipinos. Prepare +20% of your expenses in the Philippines and you will survive.

Bring cash!

Night Market

There are multiple night markets in Taipei that offer clothes and food! Go crazy with their night markets. Here are some:

Night Market Address
Tonghua Night Market Tonghua Street and Li Jiang Street Intersection, Taipei City
Shilin Night Market Wenlin Road,Shihlin District, Taipei City
Raohe St. Night Market Fuyuan St,Songshan District, Taipei City


I just want to highlight that I really liked the noodles / hot pot on my first night market! You can just refill their sugar cane juice! I do not know that name of the shop, but look for it.



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  1. Hi kuya! kumuha ka pa ba ng visa for this trip? thank you!

    1. Yes! 1 Week or less ang waiting period.

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