Bulalacao, Oriental Mindoro Roadtrip (Summary/Itinerary)


Are you looking for a road trip like no other? Or do you just really want to escape from everything? Or are you just looking for something off-the-beaten area? Tambaron Island may just be the perfect getaway for you.

Where is Tambaron Island, Bulalacao, Mindoro Oriental? Tambaron Island is one of the islands of the town of Bulalacao of Oriental Mindoro. It is at the South tip of the Mindoro island. If you want to be isolated from the comforts of the Metro, hit the road, and go to Tambaron!

Original photo from facts.co

How to get there?

  1. Drive.
    • Drive to Batangas City port.
    • Ride a barge going to Calapan.
    • From Calapan, drive to Bulalacao for 3-4hours.
    • Go to Bulalacao Public Market and ask for direction going to the port.
    • Leave your car, and ride a boat (1hr) to Tambaron Island.
  2. Commute.
    • Ride a bus going to Batangas City port like DLTB
    • Ride a barge/RORO going to Calapan City.
    • Ride a van bound for Bulalacao.
    • Look for a boat.
  3. Fly.
    • Fly to San Jose Calapan.
    • Ride a vehicle going to Bulalacao.
    • Look for a boat, then ride that boat to Tambaron Island.

I suggest that you contract your boat to fetch you at a certain time. Since the phone signal is very limited in the area, it is crucial that you set a clear time.

Where to stay?

There’s actually only one place you can stay in the island: Tambaron Green Island Resort. You need a prior booking to make sure you get a room.

You can also bring your tent!

They serve food so don’t worry!

As for us, we did not have a prior reservation so we ended up sleeping in the kitchen hut. We slept on the table and the ledges for the casseroles.


What to do?

Well, the resort has amenities like basketball, volleyball, and water activities. As for us, since this was just a 2-day escapade, here’s our itinerary:

Day 1:

8PM Leave MManila
11PM Arrive in Batangas City Port
2AM: Arrive in Calapan
2AM-5AM Quick sleep
5AM-9AM: Drive to Bulalacao
9-11AM Get to Tambaron Island
11AM-1PM Lunch
1PM-6PM Island Hopping
6PM onwards Dinner, socials, stargazing

Day 2:

Morning Beachbum in Tambaron Island. Eat your lunch in the floating hut!
Afternoon Headback to Mmanila

How much did we spend?

  • Drive – Gas and Toll
  • Ferry – Php 240 x 2
  • Van to Bulalacao – Php 240 x 2
  • Boat + Island Hopping – Php 3,500 to 4,000 (shared)
  • Room/Tent – Php100 to 500
  • Meal – Php100/meal

Island Hopping

Island #1:Target/Alibatan Islanddsc_0671dsc_0673





Island #2:


Island #3:dsc_0857dsc_0859dsc_0863dsc_0866dsc_0914

Bumming in Tambaron Islanddsc_0919dsc_1026dsc_1048dsc_1056dsc_1089


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