Horrible Experience with Medical Center Paranaque

I posted this on Facebook, and it got traction. Shared by ~2K people, and got ~5K impressions. I am putting this here because it is a life event itself.

I will never forget how I felt that time. More than the physical pain, the thought of that there are people who could actually see you in pain and do nothing was what hurt me most.


I just need to share this on Facebook to help/advise South people, and share a little bit of story.

A little bit before 6am, I woke up with back pain. As I moved, the back pain worsened. At 6:15, the pain was already unbearable so I took one tablet of Tramadol, and drove myself to Medical Center Parañaque.

Round 1: At around 630, I arrived at the ER. I was a bit shy to approach anyone since the doctor and nurses were all busy with their phones. I approached the first table… “Miss, sobrang sakit ng likod ko.” Then I saw her badge — so she’s the doctor.

Dr: May consultant tayo mamaya.
Me: Mga anong oras kaya?
Dr: (walang sagot)
Me: (didn’t leave until I get an answer)
Dr: (after 2mins) 730 ang earliest

I left the ER with so much pain. I looked for Rm 210 trying my luck if the Dr was already there. I was too thirsty that time that I bought water for 100 pesos. I was dizzy and dehydrated.

The Dr wasn’t there yet. Went back to the car ans told myself that I will just wait until 730. I lied for 5mins, but the pain was just too real.

Walang awa.

Round2: I went back to ER. The Dr just left, and the nurses were the only ones left in the ER. (Wala naman akong issue)

Me: Sobrang sakit ng likod ko. Etc etc.
Nurse1: Wait lang sir. (Then he went to the back room, and NEVER CAME BACK)

I was just too helpless that time. The other nurses just looked at me.

I asked a girl patient (who has already been treated and for releasing), the only one patient there aside from me, ganito ba talaga dito? I asked that with extreme pain.

She didn’t answer me. She just raised her shoulders probably to say “I don’t know” in the most ridiculous way. Then she looked away.

I went back again to the car, lied down and attempted to wait for 730am.

Walang awa.

ROUND3: 7am. The pain. The pain.
I came back to the ER with concrete demands.

I didn’t see Nurse1.

Me: Masakit po talaga likod ko.
Nurse2: 730 ang Consultant.
Me: Kailangan ko lang po ng IV Painkiller. IV Tramadol. I think this has something to do with Uro.
Nurse2: Uro namin ay 1pm pa.

In my mind, seriously, 1pm?! I was already kneeling and sitting down the floor because of extreme pain. There were 4 vacant beds and I only wanted to lie down in one of them. No one bothered to empathize with me.

Went back to the car. I was just too upset. From 730, now I have to endure the pain until 1pm.

Walang awa.

Round 4: 720am. My final round. Went back to give them the last chance to help me.

The ER Dr was back.

Me: Miss, masakit na talaga ang likod ko. Uro ito.
Dr: Di ba sabi ko 730am?!
Me: Uro ito I think.
Nurse2: 1pm po ang Uro.
Me: (with all shock that she belittled my concern) Miss, I just want to know if you can give me an IV Painkiller or not? (In-english ko na)

Me: NagTramadol ako before going here.
Dr: Yun pala. 8hrs yun. Just wait na mag-effect sayo ‘yun.


Me: 1pm pa noh?
Dr: oo. Try mo sa Asian.
Me: By this time, may Dr na kaya doon?
Dr: Ewan ko!

Then I left that place. Hindi ko sure ano mas marumi: yung CR nila o attitude ng ER nila?

I was sitting on the floor because of extreme pain and their team just watched me. Now, with the result from the hospital I transferred to, I know that yung backpain na yun ay hindi ‘pag-iinarte’ lang.

So sa mga taga-South, we only have one life. H’wag hayaang ibigay ito sa hindi mapagkakatiwalaan. H’wag itaya. Iwasan na ang ospital na ito.


I transferred to Unihealth Paranaque na sobrang kabaliktaran. Super thankful ako sa Unihealth. Mabilis kumilos at concerned.



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