A Day in Mt. Pinatubo Crater

Go to Mt. Pinatubo and see the majestic crater! If you are traveling alone, I highly suggest that you go to Mt. Pinatubo through a Travel Tour.


To give context, going to the crater of Mt. Pinatubo was fun, but I will not do it again anytime soon. The trek was hot as were soaked under the sun for almost two hours. Unlike other hikes/treks, there were trees to cover. So you get dehydrated because of the physical demand and the heat of the sun. But if you are up to that, book that weekend!

The hike/trek part is not that much physically demanding versus other hikes.

From Manila, you will go to Tarlac. Then, almost an hour of 4×4 ride. Then the hike/trek starts (~2hrs).


  • What to wear: I actually do not have any comment on what you plan to wear, just make sure it is comfortable.
  • Shoes: You can wear sandals or rubber shoes. Do not dare to wear slippers.
  • Water. Bring 2L. 1 Liter going, 1 Liter back.
  • Food: Bring something to eat along the way like Peanuts, Crackers and/or Chocolate.
  • Lunch: Have a packed lunch. You will reach the crater at around lunch time. I brought burgers and fries. (I saw a family with caseroles of Adobo and Chopsuy. If you have the extra energy to bring lots of food, go ahead.)
  • Sun-gears: Bring sarong, cap or anything to protect you from the sun. I don’t recommend umbrella as it will not be that pleasing to your pictures.
  • There are lots of people going to the crater. Having a serene time at the crater is a must-delete on your expectations.
Stopped by the Toblerone formations


Stopped by the Toblerone formations

Viewing Deck of Mt. Pinatubo


From the viewing deck, you can go down near the water of the crater.




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