Baguio City (Weekend Guide)

Baguio  City is a chartered city seated in the province of Benguet. It is tagged the “Summer Capital” of the country. Why? Two things: to tour around the city, and of course, to escape the summer heat and immerse in its cold temperature.

Baguio City is seated above the Cordillera Mountain Ranges and home to millions of Filipinos. In this small amount of space, many different places can be visited especially if you really want to enjoy the cold ambient temperature.

We went here during the Panagbenga Weekend. We devoted our Saturday for going around the city, but avoiding the overcrowded sites. Definitely no Mines View Park! Less people yet maximum Baguio experience!

Well if it is your first time in Baguio, you can go to the “basics”:

a. Mines View Park

b. Burnham Park

c. Botanical Garden

d. PMA

As someone who always visits Baguio (my hometown is 1.5-2hr drive from Baguio), I highly recommend these four!

  1. BenCab Museum

We started our day in BenCab Museum. We decided to prioritize this because it requires less energy and more introspection. To maximize my visit here, even when I am with a group, I made sure I alloted at least half of the time being alone and looking at the displayed artwork. Half of the time of course, I share my thoughts with them. For some it would work with majority of time on being alone, or even just be alone the whole time you are here.



To get here, you will need a taxi. The more challenging one I guess is going back to the city proper as we waited for taxis to come to the museum.

2. Strawberry Picking


We headed to strawberry picking. We just asked the taxi guy to bring us to this area. Only a few visitors are familiar with Strawberry picking. This had our interest as it exposed us to the rigors of growing strawberries in Baguio. They gave us a basket which we filled with our picked strawberries. Some strawberries can be as big as your palm. The good thing about this activity is you get to choose the strawberries that you will eat. We made sure we picked the ripest and reddest ones!

The basket was weighed (1/4 kilogram) and we asked if we can get extra ones for ourselves. Our “bantay” was kind enough to let us have our strawberries.


3. Camp John Hay

Camp John Hay used to be an American Camp in Baguio. I divide this area to three sections:  first is the commercial areas (restaurants, shopping stalls, and alike), second is the private area owned by the rich people, and last is the tour area, and third is the picnic area.

What I like about CJH is that you get to have a good time relaxing for picnic, and you also get to check out some historic sites.





4. Burnham Park Boating and Biking

Going to Baguio without visiting Burnham Park is not like going to Baguio at all!




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