White Beaches Islands of Coron Tour — Day 3 of Coron, Palawan Trip

On my 3rd day in Coron, I mistakenly joined the Escapade Tour (White Beaches). I thought I jumped in to the boat of Shipwrecks Tour, but just when the boat was about to start, the tour guide welcomed us to the “Escapade Tour”. I asked if I can still be transferred to the tour I wanted, but their boat has already left. I had no choice that time. I was so remorseful during the 2-hr boat ride. I could not believe I committed the mistake of not double checking my tour reservation.

Every amount of negative vibe dissolved as we reached the first island.

See my full itinerary here! (LINK)

Day 1 (LINK), Day 2 (LINK)

  1. Bulog Dos Island. This island has to be my favorite among the three islands. This is the most picturesque of all, I think. You can go over the big island (open to public). There’s a shallow “sandbar” connecting the big island and the small island.




Catch the island while the sun is not yet perpendicular to the ground.

2. Banana Island. This is where we had shared lunch.

They have facilities you can rent.
Yes, you can take a rest too. They have multiple hammocks.


3. Malcapuya Island. This island offers a long shoreline in which you can dip yourself and enjoy swimming. They gave us good amount of time to relax. There’s a small sari-sari store here that sells chips and drinks (coco juice and beer). Good thing on this island is that there are tables and huts where you can leave your baggage to.

The contrast of the coconut trees, the blue skies and the waters was just perfect.


I walked the shore, and upon reaching the left end of the island, I heard some noise and they appeared out of nowhere. I tried to look for where they came from. I climbed a lifted part of the island, and I found paradise.

Caught this lady seated on the cliff (quite risky!).


Definitely breath-taking view! It can be quite scary since it’s a cliff, but it’s all worth it. Will revisit this place.

4. Sunset. The ride back to the town proper was equally stunning as the the golden sun hit the islands creating more drama to the whole scene.





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