Moments That Matter (Photo Series)

It has been a while since I took pictures using SLR. So I took some time to browse my past shots that I deemed worth the share to the world. Let’s call this photo series: Moments That Matter.

There are so many moments in our lives ranging from the simplest ones up to the complicated situations. There are moments of winning, and of course, learning. Our brain can only store so much, so it’s important to know which among the things happening in our lives really matter.

To witness, learn and respect the culture and beliefs of other people. (The Mud Team, Jape Gonzales, Brendon Llanto, Kimm Francisco, I, Taken Dec 2014)
To be carefree, enjoy the sun, and nature. (Carla Gonzalez, Taken May 2014)
To be in solitude with the waters. (I, Taken Dec 2014)
To see the sunshine in every situation (Ivy Morrok, Taken May 2014)
To see the sunshine in every situation (Ven Alolod, Taken May 2014)
To appreciate even the small things this world has to offer (I, Taken Mar 2015)
To take that leap of faith (I, Taken June 2014)
To wonder and ask the most stupid questions (I, Mar 2013)
To make unnecessary direction (I, Dec 2015)



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