When You’re The One At Fault

IMG_3059Multiple times we are “bitter” when someone offends or assaults us. Well, we have different reactions on the triggers that make us tick. Oftentimes, we feel mad. I find that natural, since it’s a form of ‘attack’ to us. Just like any attack, we have an option: fight or flight. When we choose flight, we choose to just move on and hope for the best to the offender that someday, he understands his mistakes. When we choose fight, we may take revenge, or we fully acknowledge his error and put an earmark to that person.

But what if you know you offended someone? And you just cannot find any form of apology to cover for the mess you brought to the life of someone. And you just cannot find the best words to explain how sorry you feel for bringing pain to someone.

It’s painful, too. But it is a rewarding kind of painful.

You are the offender. Someone chooses between fight and flight on you.

And when that person chooses to fight you, this time, you make sure that person wins on you. But this is the better option.

What if that person chooses flight? And forget you? Pain. A rewarding pain.


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