Top 10 Facebook Statuses on 2014 (Restricted to unaided by photos)

Disclaimer: In spirit of recalling the fb stats that had most agreements, I suppose, through ranking the number of likes, I am putting this up. Since I do not want to tolerate the spirit of vanity in Facebook, I removed the number of likes, but I put the date to give more context.

10. Random Pisay Thought

July 5

Random thought,

During College days, when people ask “where you’re from?”, they’re usually asking for your HS. It’s either they want to know you or they want to recruit you (esp sa mga maarteng ma-eenglish na orgs sa UP na parang may preferred posh HS). I don’t know if this just happens to me pero tuwing isasagot kong “Pisay”, inside my mind ay may sumisigaw ng “Walang pressure po ah”. Because one thing I learnerd, pagdating sa UP, reset lahat ng mga students at lahat pantay-pantay.

But there’s one thing na hindi na-reset sa buhay college: ang mga memories nung HS.


9. A Friend Request

Dec 27

So I got this friend request, and I checked the profile. When I saw a post with word “,..hAixt”, ummmm kthnxbye.

7.5. My Big Travel for 2014

Feb 20

Touchdown awesome beach! The last 24 hours has been challenging and is still challenging. First-out-of-the-country trip. Whew! Lezzgo!

— at Maafushi, Maldive.

7.5. The Dancefloor is Yours

Sept 14

UP Pep did their part. Now it’s your turn. When someone asks “Bakit Equality? Ano’ng Equality? Bat Rainbow?”, the dance floor is yours.


6. My first night in Bicol

Jan 30

Tonight, I’ve proved that Bicolanos are nice people. When I was transferring my things to my new place, around 5 people helped me bring my things to my apartment. And they waited until I finished. And these are the owner and the neighbors. Good vibes to start my stay here.

Big day tomorrow!

5. A Very Legit Experience with Bicolanos

June 7

While having my lunch alone, a group of jolly 3 moms beside my table talked to me.

“Alam mo, bagay ka sa anak ko!”

Then, it became like a talkshow: age, religion, personal life, and so many things. One mom even asked me to pray for her daughter to pass the board exam.

It all started when they thought I was a waiter and they asked me to open their bottle of Cola.

“Alam mo, ang pag-ibig, responsibilidad yan!”

It was a Bicol experience! I ended up eating with company. Turns out that they are dentists at the Province Capitol.

— at Naga City, Camarines Sur, Bicol.

4. Mga Aabangang Tanong ng mga Kamag-anak sa Pasko

Dec 23

Choose your battle(s), Pasko version

1. Kamusta na kayo ni _____ (ex mo)?

2. Parang lumaki ka. Mukhang hiyang ka.

3. Ayyy, umitim ka.
4. Kelan ka magkakasyota?
5. Kelan ka papakasal?
6. Kelan niyo balak magka-anak?
7. Mas bagay sayo ang dati mong buhok.
8. Alam mo, kinakamusta ka ni _____ (kababata mong never mo naman nagustuhan pero pinipilit i-pair sayo).
9. Anlaki-laki mo na. Dati, karga-karga lang kita.
10. Hindi mo naman ako shine-sharean ng life sa Candy Crush.

‪#‎TitasOfPilipinas ‪#‎Bakasyon ‪#‎Explain

3. My Sentiment One Weekend of Summer

April 18

Some are off to Boracay, off to Baguio, off to Coron; I am off to sala, off to banyo, off and on the TV.

2. Simple 90s Kids Life

May 22

Rule of thumb ng batang 90s sa TV:

Morning — educational sa ABSCBN
Hapon — uwi kaagad para sa anime ng GMA (and dapat kabisado mo na kung ano ang schedule ng anime per day dahil nag-iiba yan everyday)
Weekend — Wansapanataym


1. For the Unsung Victors of UP

April 24

Graduation season. It’s the time when the students who finished laude get recognition. But, there are silent victors: the ones who have failed a few (or some) subjects, those who didn’t finish their course on time, and those who finally finished the course they wanted after shifting to diff courses. The valedictorian may have a few sentiments to share, but I salute more the people who kept integrity in this graduation even it means delay or singko, those who took risks, those who cherished learnings that explaining to their parents and family became difficult, and those who chose the path they really wanted.

I just can imagine a graduation where a regular student gets the chance to share his experience as a student; that will be epic.

To the silent victors and warriors of the university, all cheers to you!  Good job!


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