Coron, Palawan — Day 1: Mount Tapyas

On my first day in Coron, Palawan, after parking my things in the hotel, I quickly asked the front desk what is the best land site to visit. It was already 5 in the afternoon, and I knew I had to take advantage of my time. The town tour would usually cost 550 pesos, and I just can’t let my money go to a land tour that I could possibly do on my own. The front desk suggested that I go to Mt. Tapyas. The foot of Mt Tapyas is around 500m from the hotel, and a challenging 700+ stare is next.

See my full itinerary here! (LINK)

Day 2 (LINK), Day 3 (LINK)

How to get to Coron?

From Manila, take a plane to Busuanga (Palawan). Then take a van ride going to Coron (20mins, Php 150).


Conquering Mt. Tapyas

The viewing deck of Mt. Tapyas as seen from the ground.
To reach the top, you have to take the 700+ steps. Make sure you bring a bottle of water, and take a few breaks.
Reaching the top is all worth the sweat.
View the amazing sunset and feel the breeze.
The side terrain.
Savor the moment.

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