Oslob, Cebu — One Day with the Whale Sharks

I have been long dreaming of swimming with the whale sharks. And finally, this one shot of fulfillment was really one of a kind.

It took us more than an hour to ride a bus going to Oslob as it was quite rowdy in the bus terminal of Cebu City. We rode the bus around 6AM, and got off around 830AM. The moment I stepped out of the bus, my heart began to beat faster. I just can’t believe that time that I’d be finally swimming with whale sharks.

When we hit the waters, I just can’t describe how delighting it was to see these animals.

For those who want to try this, I suggest you bring your own goggles. They’ll provide you with a snorkeling goggle. So if you want to go and dive deeper, you would have to use their goggle, and deal with chasing your breath once you rise above the water because their goggle covers your nose. Unlike the regular goggles, when you rise, you can quickly catch your breath.

Visit Cebu! 6.5 out of 7 faces.
Enjoy the company of the whale shark. Be also amused by the fishes.
The water may seem shallow but it’s not. Beach kids totally liking the whole situation. Special shout out to the 2 girls at the left having too much struggle.

How to get to Oslob?


Oslob is a town situated at the south portion of the slender island of Cebu. You can check-in for a night at Cebu City then wake up early (around 3AM) then head to the bus terminal of Cebu City. Ride any bus going southward, and be ready to be quite competitive especially on weekends as locals are competing hard to secure a bus seat. Look for bus going to Santander or Lilo-an.

Try to be at the terminal by 4AM. No need to line up for ticket, but you have to line up for the bus. The conductor will issue your ticket once you get on the bus. So the real trick is really on riding the bus.

The ride will be 2-3 hours depending of course on the traffic. It took us 2.5hrs. Tell the conductor to get you off at “Whale Shark Oslob”. They are already quite used to tourists going to that spot of Cebu. Well, it is situated in Barangay Tan-Awan, Municipality of Oslob.

Some tips:

1. Go there in the morning. We did this.

2. Eat before diving. Lesson learned since we did not do this.

3. Bring your own goggles. The regular swimming one please. Lesson learned since we did not do this.

4. Wear rash guard. Lesson learned since we did not do this.

5. Bring friends with you. Especially the ones scared on deep waters. Like we did.

By 11AM, you should be done with your activity. You can visit the falls, go to Dumaguete, or head back to Cebu City.


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  1. denizatay says:

    Amazing! Sounds really exciting

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