First OOTC Solo Trip: Bangkok, Thailand (A Travelogue)

A travelogue of my solo trip. Day 1: Grand Palace Compound, Chao Phraya River, Wat Arun, Pat Pong 10570457_10203387070291768_7805115545574252312_n 1. In pursuit of having a better immersion of this place, I looked for a place with no (or less) caucasians. I peeped into the different Thai carinderias. The main difficulty was that all the SKUs were written in their script so I can’t read them (and there was no picture). Solution: I looked for a shop with just one SKU, noodles! 2. I rode the service boat of Chao Praya river, but I missed out to get off my supposed destination. I ended up at the end-port for locals. A sudden change of plan. Good thing the people were nice to point me to a “broom-broom”, says one lady trying to recall what a motorcycle is called. 3. So I visited Patpong. And after being approached by the pimps of the place, I decided to leave it, and just did a city tour. I walked around 3km. WHAT IS PAGOD. 4. People pay for 3-4baht (5-7pesos) just to get literally to the other side of the river. I find that a bit peculiar. 5. I tried sidestreet padthai for 50baht. Ay nako naman, kasarap!   Day2: Vimanmek Compound, Throne Hall, Wat Benchamobit, Giant Buddha, Chinatown 10426078_10203392635670899_7957613866449212494_n 1. Foreigners usually ride tuk-tuks and taxi to get to places. I insisted to ride local bus. It’s fun how non-AC buses here have an electric bell as “para”. 2. I went to a compound with 3 museums (Vimanmek). Walang english part ang mga display. So medyo clue-less lang talaga ako habang nag-iikot. At the 3rd museum, they asked me in Thai, then medyo nagulat lang ako. So they rephrased in English, where you from? Me? Where? Yeh. I’m from Philippines. Ohhh. You’re just alone?! You don’t have tour guide?! (Di ko alam kung naaawa ba siyang mag-isa ako) Yes! Okay, we have an audio guide for you! (Finally, something I understand) 3. While vividly looking at the silk-made painting-like wall inside the museum, I decided to turn off my audio guide to focus my attention to the object. Tahimik na ang lahat, nang UMUTOT ang lola kong katabi. Dinig namin yun! 4. (Context lunch) “Mister, fried spaghetti” (Mukhang di gets sinabi ko) What number? (in the list) Number 14! Okay, 60baht! (After 5mins) Tom yum ang hinanda. Nakow. Sa lahat ng pagkain eh yung pinaka-ayoko pa kainin. Di na ako nag-argue dahil ayaw ko ng away. Kumain na lang ako ng chichiria after para matanggal sa dila ko ang lasa. 5. I visited the largest gold buddha. I saw 5 young monks or monks-to-be. I volunteered to take pictures of them. iPhone 5S ang phone nila. And they know how to speak English! Unlike my expectations, they were a bit rowdy and loud. Memorable picture moment with them! 3museums, 2temples, 1chinatown sketchy-sketchy-sketchy place. Day 3:  Siam Paragon and   Siam Center 10563208_10203399417400438_4641838774619440257_n Urban Day sa bandang SIAM area. Sa dina-dami ng maaari naming magkita ni sir atoy, sa BKK pa. Muntik ko nang i-approach ang ilang mga tao kung sila si “Atoy Navarro”, sakto dumating si ser! Superloaded conversation from SEA concerns to Artista things. Mas lumalim din ang pagkakakilala ko sa Thailand in general. Day 4: As I leave BKK 10446673_10203403531223281_8209535689830040066_n   Maliban sa mga templong naglipana sa buong syudad, ganoon din ang street art. Nakakapagtaka na Alphabet ang sulat. Wala ako gaano nakitang Thai script na mga sulat sa pader. Nabisita ko ang BACC, at nakita ko rin ang masa version ng art. | Gusto ko sana magpa-picture kaso deliks ipahawak phone sa ibang tao. Yes, daming dahilan! Last day, last day.   BONUS ROUND: 9 Random Things/Shots from BKK: 1. Streetfood – ang mga ulam sa atin, streetfood lang nila e.g. Hotdogs, chicken meat, longganisa, and the sause was sweet n’ spicy. 2. Sketchy Chinatown – the point when I was already unsure if I was heading somewhere safe. 3. Motorcycle – My view when I rode the motorcycle. 4. Tiangge – the tiangge for pasalubong 5. Bus – the bus for the locals I used to commute 6. Graduation Crowd – families crowding at the space across tue stadium to witness their kids’ graduation (Batch 2556) 7. Airport – the boarding area of PAL PH-bound 8. Padthai – legit street version of the famous padthai. 9. Thammasat University – Pretended like I didn’t care and was just one of the students in one of the biggest state U’s of THL 10551019_10203404292602315_3484048863857920843_n


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