Exploring Antique (Pronounced An-Tee-Keh)

Antique has been a mysterious place for me. In an isolated baranggay in the middle of the mountainous area of Tibiao offers a pleasant surprise…

Antique is a shore-line type of province in Panay island. People usually get to experience Antique when they are in Boracay and book a special trip to Antique. Makes me wonder: what is in Antique? Go and wiki Antique! Or just visit the place!

Just a few days before our Boracay trip, we firmly decided to make Antique part of our weekend trip. We stayed here for 2D/1N.

What did we do?

Day 1:

12PM: Touchdown Kalibo and lunch near Terminal

1:30-4PM: Bus ride to Tibiao

4-4:30PM: Habal-habal to Kayak-Inn

4:30-6PM: Random Kwento and Dinner

6-8PM: Kawa and Firefly watching

Day 2:

9AM-11AM: Trek and Falls

11-12PM: Rafting


1. Staying  in a Kubo. The kubo or nipa hut is placed near the gushing river. It was just very basic: no signal, no electricity.


2. Firefly Watching. Yes, there were fireflies near our kubo.

3. Kawa Spa. There were huge kawas around the resort compound and we of course did not miss out to try them. We tried the biggest one.

It took the guy 20mins to warm the water as he put some “anti-stress” (which I did not believe anywway) leaves.



4. Falls 1,2,3 of Bugtong-Bato. It was a 30-min trek to the falls. It was a bit tiring, that when we were halfway there, Jape decided cease his way to the falls. After 15mins, Jape appeared and proved that his tired body must outdo his passion for travel.

There are multiple falls in Tibiao and we only visited the first three.

Jape posing with Falls 1


Ivy posing from the top of Falls 1
I posing between Falls 2 and 3. Man, having that picture was such an adrenaline-rush experience. The rocks of the Falls 2 served as the stairs going up with the strong water opposite you. You get assisted by the rope and your guide.

5. River Rafting. Jape and Ivy were both hesitant at first, but after seeing the safety of this activity, they eventually decided to do it. It was just a short trip with only 2-3 rapids. Nonetheless, it was an experience to maneuver a raft alone.


How to get there?

1. Fly to Kalibo
2. Ride a tricycle to Ceres Terminal (Kalibo) – Php 100 (shared)
3. Bus to San Jose and get off to Brgy. Importante (near Petron Station), Tibiao – Php 130 (each)
4. Ride a habal-habal going to Kayak Inn – Php 75 (each)

Where did we stay?

We stayed at Kayak-Inn Resort. Contact number is 0905-906-2380.


Guide to falls – 100 shared + 50 each as entrance fee for the baranggay. Food – 300 each. Rafting – 600 each. Lodging – 1200 shared.



How did we get there?


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