Demystifying Siquijor

Siquijor Island is near Dumaguete City (around 2 hrs away), and since I was a kid, lots of  paranormal/multo-ific/witchy stories have surfaced about it. Some are actually uncomfortable travelling to this place.

But curiosity is a stronger pill than fear.

How did we get there?

From Dumaguete City, we rode a tricycle going to the port going to Siquijor (there are actually at least 2 ports in Dumaguete). We got there around 1:30PM but the fast crafts tickets are already sold out so if you plan to ride that, you better get your tickets earlier.

We opted to ride a RORO-type. The passengers are usually locals, since only a few tourists go to Siquijor. The last trip to Siquijor is around 3-4PM.

Where we stayed?

There are actually lots of place to stay in San Juan, Siquijor. So don’t worry much about you stay in the island. Many resorts/inns are owned by foreigners (caucasians) and they offer cheap lodging. We stayed at Inn the Shade. It has complete amenities (gasul, cooking utensils, dining utensils, sink, nice CR) that your barkada can enjoy using. Just buy your “cookables”. We were able to avail it for Php3,500 for 7 people. The room is around 40 sq.m.


Why Siquijor?

Because of the awesome sunset.



What did we do?

Day 1:

3PM – Board RORO going to Siquijor

5:30PM – Arrived in Siquijor

6:00PM – Sunset by the “Bridge” (The tricycle driver knows this place)

6:30PM – Check-in (Talk to the tricycle driver to come back the next day for a tour)

7pm-1am Socials Night

Day 2:

Note: Php1000 per tricycle (can fit up to 4 people per tricycle)

6-8AM: Breakfast, Wash-up

8AM-5PM: Siquijor Trip

  • Oldest Tree in Siquijor, and the Fish “Therapy”
  • Lazi Church (Oldest Church) and the Seminary across
  • Cambugahay Falls
  • “Lunch”
  • Salagdoong Beach and Cliff Jump
  • Cang-isok House (Oldest House in Siquijor)
  • 3PM –> Buy RORO tickets for 5PM departure
  • Bangenge moment by the beach

1. Balete Tree

According to the locals, this Balete tree is the oldest tree in the island. What makes visiting this tree more exciting is the small pond below it.

The old Balete Tree
The Fish Therapy


2. Lazi Church

The Lazi Church is the oldest church in Siquijor. When we got to the church, an actual mass was happening so we did not have actual visual of the inside structure of the church.


Church of Lazi
Lazi Church Mass
The old seminary building and museum

3. Cambugahay Falls has 3 cascades. You can devote around 30 mins per cascade.

What we did?

  1. Bangenge/ligo
  2. Jump
  3. Tarzan jump (There’s a man-made tarzan rope that you can try for free)
Cambuagahay Falls is around 3-4x the height of a normal Filipino.
And yes, the water is blue-green.
Super proud of Tricia for jumping this falls
Jumping off the falls is one of the best thing that you can do in Siquijor especially the jump would not be as high as other “cliffs”.
The “Tarzan Rope”. You grip it, you let go of the cliff, you swing, then you jump!


4. Salagdoong Beach

Who would not jump into this kind of water? The Salagdoong Resort Cliff Jump.
Cliff Jump 1
Of course I won’t leave Salagdoong without the jump.


The Salagdoong Beach promises you nothing but blue blue blue waters. Caution, the water is actually deep. Make sure you wear floaters in case you’re not comfortable with swimming in deep water.

5. Cang-Isok

DSC_0264 (2)

6. Random Bangenge

Cray cray friends Rache and Mico
We saw this lovely spot along the road. We just can’t help but to take pictures. I don’t actually know this place, but if you are going counterclockwise, this is after Salagdoong.
Look at Jape. He never bothered the scorching heat of the road.

After buying our tickets, we opted to stay in this hidden place while waiting for the RORO.

Ivy standing by the edge and the horizon (Negros Oriental at her back)
DSC_0337 (2)
Even Ven who had some emotional struggle that day was relieved by the island’s beauty.



BONUS: The goodbye sunset.


DSC_0433 (2)



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  1. Patricia says:

    I love it!!! Will read your other posts now. Haha!

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