San Juan, La Union — Surfing Beach

San Juan, La Union is known for its surfing area. I say ‘surfing area’ because it only has a specific surfing spot. Well, you can surf on other parts of the shore but there is a specific place for surfers especially for beginners. I arrived the surfing area around 4:30PM and it was already “high tide” and it was difficult to try surfing. True enough, I got dead tired because the waves were bigger. I got bloated because of drinking lots of water.


Surfing for beginners would cost you 400 pesos. 200 for the board rental, and 200 for the lessons.


The place also offers one of the best sunsets. Make sure you catch the sunset.857217_10201991694008233_1253959593_o1496109_10201991700688400_573618481_o 1556358_10201991698968357_2028746904_o


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