Davao City — River Tubing

If you think Davao is just all about the urban life, eagles, Samal island and gardens? Well, somewhere in Malagos, a group of friends decided to take their friendship a bit wider by organizing a river tubing experience to all. It’s a bit less wild than CdO river rafting,  but a bit challenging because you are on your own.

The usual batch is only in the morning. But after asking them to entertain us in the afternoon, they agreed to entertain us. The fee was 1800 pesos for 6 people (1 group) but since we were only 4, it cost us a bit more. But that was not the point; the whole experience was memorable.


Most of the time, you will  be alone facing the rocks on the river.


But they will also make you do different positions. In pairs and in 4’s. The next picture is in 4’s.


They also have a cliff jumping site. Well, the cliff is not too high but enough to give you some chills.


Of course there will be times that you will fall, but the guides are always on guard to help you.


River tubing is a must-try in Davao City.


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