Pre-24th Birthday Mind Bug

I am writing this 25hrs before my 24th birthday. Alone in my rented apartment. Today, I did my grocery and some cleaning. I just realised how independent I have become. 

It was year 2003 that I began my journey of living independently. Now, it is 2014 and I’m on my 11th year of independence.

I am turning 24 tomorrow and that is the magic number of maturity for me. Aside from skin in our face starts ageing, the pressure and expectation also get higher. Whenever I get to know someone age 24 and up, I expect them to be mature and really experienced. Not that I am turning 24, it is actually a bit more difficult than what I thought.

Romantic relationships, job, and savings — these three bother me the most. It gets a bit stressful just looking at those three aspects. But right now, all I want to do is do my job well and travel a whole lot more.

Yes, this is a way to release my thoughts on the most difficult birthday that I will ever have.

Hope that day will turn out good, rather than a nostalgic one.

Even I am physically alone.


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