Top 5 People of the Year 2013

Each year, there are people we meet and whom we shared a big part of our year with. This is the list of people I met this 2013 and made memorable moments in my life.

5. The New Us.

It’s the same line up of people, but this time around, I met the new us — the post college scenario. Well, the picture below show some of them, but generally the people I met in college.


4. Stints Colleagues (Consumer Insights and Logistics)

These are the people whom I shared my 10 months with. Many learning and experience with them.




Logistics Team


Consumer Insights Team

3. Friday Night League

Friday Night

2. GT High 5

Last year, my entry took the company in total. For this year, I got to know better my batchmates. Very thankful for knowing them.

BCD 50 years

1. The Super Kaladkarins

Laiya Gigantes

To see 2012, click here.


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