A Chain of Disappointment to Globe Gadget Care Program, Ace Insurance and Aikontech

I do not mean to hurt the trust of people in these three brands; I just want to share this experience.

My iPhone got wet in the beach, and its internal parts got ruined by that. It was on Oct 12 when that happened. I called up Globe about my Insurance that I enrolled in. They call it Globe Gadget Care Program which they boasted about its quick replacement of your phone in case of damage, theft, and other cases enumerated in their conditions. So when I called Globe’s customer service, which has a very lengthy audio menu by the way, I was gladly entertained by one of their CSR’s, but she just gave me the number of Ace Insurance. She told me that it is not in their responsibility anymore, and that I am enrolled in Ace Insurance.

So I called up Ace Insurance and finished my form. I paid my participation fee of 7,500 (that’s aside from my Php399 monthly dues) on Oct 17, and called up Ace asking them for lead time. I asked the CSR of Ace to be frank about it because when I there was a time when I went to Globe to replace my defective phone, they told me that they will replace it within 2 weeks but took them 4-5 weeks. She told me that it would take roughly a month. Well, I never tried bringing up the point that the Gadget Care Program should be quickly replacing my handset with the hope that that long lead time would give them ample amount of time to do their jobs.

After 1 month, I called up Ace Insurance. I was following up my phone replacement since I haven’t received any communication from them. But the CSR told me that they’re not the one I should be following up, but Aikontech Corporation. I was astonished by that because at the first place, they are supposedly the insurance agency and it should on top of consumer claims. Second, they never told me about ‘Aikontech’ as another entity to follow up. All I knew was Globe was irresponsible enough to throw me to their insurance partner, and that insurance partner should be replacing my phone.

5th week – I called Aikontech everyday, nobody was answering. I emailed aikontech, but nobody replied.

6th week – I called Aikontech everyday, nobody was answering. I emailed aikontech, but nobody replied.

7th week – Finally, somebody answered me. She said that they are sorry for the delay because of short stocks of iPhone (which I could have understand if it was just communicated earlier). She said that they will be replacing my iPhone with a 5S. It somehow lessened my agitation to them. She told me that the stocks would arrive on Tue or Wed next week, and they would send it through courier so I can receive it the next day.

8th week – I called them thrice everyday but nobody was answering my phone call to their 2 lines, and 2 cellphone numbers. I wanted to ask the delivery of phone replacement. And out of desperation, I just wanted to know when would be the exact date after they really deliver it. But nobody was answering. All Ace Insurance can do is to follow through my email to Aikontech.

To Globe, next time, don’t make claims that you cannot commit to.

To Ace Insurance, you should always be on top of the things you do. As as insurance company, I, as a normal consumer without full knowledge how a phone insurance company works, should always be knowledgeable of your purpose: to be a phone insurance.

To Aikontech, you better close your business.

Again, I am not mad. I am just a concerned consumer.

And until now, I haven’t got my phone yet.


Update: Got my phone on Dec 11.


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  1. mico says:

    I can totally relate to all the shit that you were in right now. It has been two weeks and I still don’t have my phone. They all suck big time and if I may add, I almost spend more than 1,000 PHP in contacting Aikontech without any single progress,

    1. Sorry for replying this late. I do agree. They need to improve their claiming system.

      1. may almontero says:

        june 13 po ako ng plan ng 5s then may nkalagay na 1month free gadget care.. e june 12 plang ngaun,.. ibig sabihin ba nun e hindi nko magbbyad ng 7500 na replacement fee.. ? kc 1month free gadget care?

      2. gg says:

        SOOO TRUEEE! I m an exasperated victim too since feb 2015 til now…To all of you guys out there…BEWARE ..BEWARE.. of GLOBE!!! GADGET CARE PLAN!!! AIKONTECH / WSI!!!

  2. mackie says:

    oh god. any updates on this? just submitted the requirements for my stolen iphone 5s this morning. 😦

    1. Sorry for replying this late. I do agree. Yup, I updated this entry. There’s a timeline. 🙂 Hope you had a more peaceful way of settling this issue.

  3. Ayee says:

    I feel the same way! I lost my phone late September, and until now, my replacement unit is not yet available. I also tried texting Aikontech and even calling them again and again but to no avail, they were not answering. They also told me they shall be replacing my iPhone 5 with a 5S. They keep on giving me false hopes. The 3 weeks guarantee time turned into 3 months of waiting. 😦 Will they ever replace our phones? 😦

    1. Sorry for replying this late. Well, I got a replacement. Headache nga lang. Hope you had a more peaceful way of settling this issue.

      1. crisel says:

        hi po can i talk to you po abaout the gadget care claim ? this is my number po pla 09752974009 btw im crisel po

  4. marvic says:

    me too!!, what is the sense of giving the contact no. if they are not answering your calls?.. what kind of insurance company is this… i spend 3000 pesos for this and until now i haven’t receiving anything?.. oh god… please give me the exact date!.. its been a month?!!.. until now I’m still waiting?!….its only a samsung galaxy core but you guys said “out of stock”? oh come’on!

  5. Cesar says:

    I hope na di tumagal ng 2 months bago ko ma-claim yung phone ko iPhone 5C…

  6. Thanks for this “heads up” Revee. Question, how long did you finally get your iPhone and, did they replace that with iPhone “5s”?

    1. Crisel says:

      Hi dexter dela Pena can I ask about ur claiming in gadget care pls. Contact me 09752974009

  7. Mel says:

    Its been a month and still no iphone 5 replacement. the customer service rep told me by next week thursday or friday. hopefully meron na…

  8. Cesar says:

    I lost my phone last Jan 27, 2014 kahapon March 11, 2014 na receive ko na yung phone ko na iPhone 5c thanks sa aikontech at tinawagan agad ako…

  9. Sam Baleew says:

    Hi sir. Tanung ko lang narecieve ko na yung item ko . Accidental damage pero ndi kinuha yung Sira . binalik kasi sakin ng Air 21 e . My Chance ba na ndi na nila kunin to sayang papagawa ko nalang Para double yung cp ko ?

    1. Mae says:

      Hi any update kung kinuha na nila? Usually kasi inaadvice ang courier about that matter kung hndi nila nlaman na may unit sayo pwdeng hindi na nila makuha yan. sa kanila ma chacharge automatic yun. Thanks

  10. cyd says:

    just paid. sana makuha ko agad ang replacement. hayy

  11. joseph says:

    so in short iphone 5s nakuha mo?

  12. layziena says:

    hello everyone, ako din iphone 5 ung unit ko from GLOBE nag bayad na ako ng participation fee na 7500 nung last Feb 14, 2014 and now follow up ko sila wla nman sumasagot sana hindi ako matulad sa iba na puro wla stock..

    1. crisel says:

      hi po. gusto ko po sanang magpahelp about sa claim ng gadget care. pde ko po ba kayong makausap this is my number po ? 09732974009 hope to hear from you po slamat btw im crisel

  13. ClioNicole says:

    Omg. i should have seen this before i submitted my phone for repair in AIKONTECH. They truly didnt disappoint in upholding the reputation as “The worst service provider ever

  14. cyd says:

    hi question lang, kapag accidental damage need ko pa ba i send sa manila young phone? thanks

    1. cyd says:

      i mean sa kanila yung phone.

    2. Hi Cyd, it depends. But they make you sign a statement that your filed reason is true. I did not give them my broken phone.

      1. Sweet says:

        Hi Cyd, as long as papalitan ung phone mo ibabalik sa kanila ung iphone kung damaged ung reason mo upon delivery ng unit mo kukunin nila ung damaged phone.

  15. marky says:

    nahold up ako nung june 6, nagsubmitted na ako ng all the requirements this june 9, sabi sa site 5 to 10 business days ang processing. sana hindi umabot ng 3 months yung replacement.

    1. Hopefully. Hopefully. At least you already have a heads up of this.

  16. chang says:

    Bakit phone nil a nag ring at first call and after 40 miss calls Hindi talaga sasagutin

    1. That’s the most irresponsible part of their service.

      1. Sweet says:

        Hi hindi naman sa hindi nila sinasagot ung calls niyo hindi lang kasi gadget care ang hina handle nila and sa sobrang dami ng caller it’s impossible na masagot nila ang tawag niyo the next time you call them ask them kung ilan ang csr nila.

  17. I lost my phone last March 2014 and paid the participation fee last april 24, 2014. They said that I will get my phone in like 3 weeks but up until now I still haven’t got my phone. I tried calling them almost everyday but nobody’s answering. I don’t know what to do anymore, I feel like I’m being scammed 😦

    1. They just overcommit. Do follow-ups 🙂

  18. Alyssa Joy says:

    Hi, I want to ask if the replacement for their product is brand new and with box and new accessories??

    1. The unit is brand new but doesn’t come with new accessories 🙂 Hope this helps.

  19. Sweet says:

    Hi everyone, totoo po na may shortage talaga ng delivery ng iphone ang aikontech claimant din ako. I know someone na nagwowork dun sa kanya ako nag fofollow-up since hirap nga din ako maka connect sa line nila inabutan din ng 4 weeks ang pag aantay ko sa phone ko pero I’m sure na BAGO ang lahat ng unit na nirerelease nila tinatangal lang nila sa box ung unit bago ipadala sa inyo. Once na nareceive nila ung unit niyo sila mismo ang tatawag sa inyo para i arrange kung pano ideliver sa inyo 🙂 Patience lang guys haha minsan nga hindi ko na sinisigawan ung CSR pag nakaka conncet ako eh wala kasi sa kanila ung problem nasa budget na binibigay ng ACE yun and sa SUPPLIES na binibigay ng SUPPLIER. Hope this helps :))

    1. may almontero says:

      email me pls or can i get ur no.. mdami akong itatanong, prehas kc tyo ng situation 😦

    2. crisel says:

      hi po @sweet gusto ko po sanang magpahelp regarding sa gadget care claim. my mga question lang po ako about sa kanila . if u dont mind po baka pde ko po kayong mkausap this is my number po 09752974009

  20. acr says:

    My phone (s5) just stolen last June 28. I reported everything to globe and ace insurance. Just this July 10, I received an email from Ace Insurance informing me that the claim is successfula and I immediately paid the participation fee. I also asked Ace if I can pick up the unit personally at their office or at Aikontech’s office. Haven’t received any response yet. Hoping for a good result, meaning I’m hoping they won’t provide me with a defective/2nd hand phone.

    1. Most likely hindi naman 🙂

  21. jeremias beltran says:

    june 13 po ako ng plan ng 5s then may nkalagay na 1month free gadget care.. e june 12 plang ngaun,.. ibig sabihin ba nun e hindi nko magbbyad ng 7500 na replacement fee.. ? kc 1month free gadget care?

    1. acr says:

      Hi, my unit also comes with a free gadget care. however, you really have to pay for the Php 7,500 participation fee to Aikontech.

  22. may almontero says:

    pasagot nmn ng tanong sa taas pls..

  23. may almontero says:

    ACR can i get your no.? mdami akong itatanong sayo, nag file kba ng police report? pls email me.. sandysenosin@yahoo.com

    1. acr says:

      Hi, yes I filed for a barangay report and police report. My claim was successful and I’m just waiting for aikontech to deliver the unit to me.

      1. Crisel says:

        Arc. Pde ba kitang makausap regarding sa gadget care claim pls po txt me naman po 09752974009

  24. crisel says:

    pls help me naman po about sa gadget care claim. my mga question po kasi ako paki email naman po ako sa willing sagutin mga question ko crisel.guitang@ymail.com and this is my number po 09752974009 thank you so much

  25. Sey says:

    Hi may i ask if binigay mo sa kanila yung phone mong sira bago nila palitan??

  26. crisel says:

    hey pls pahelp naman po ako. any reply naman po regarding sa claim ng iphone5s eto po ang number ko 09752974009 pls guys help me

  27. crisel says:

    @acr can i get your email or message me on email or my number i have question lang regarding sa gadget care claim 09752974009 thanks

  28. crisel says:

    wala man lang po bang maghelp sken ?

      1. Crisel says:

        Why u laugh po?

  29. blooberry says:

    Hi guys. May idea ba kayo if may shortage din sila sa Samsung products? Yung nanakaw kasi sakin is a Samsung S4, nawala siya nung Nov 14 and till now pinoprocess palang ng Ace yung claim ko.

  30. iloveglobeshet says:

    Globe Telecom offers the best service that anyone can experience. I love it. So much. Keep it up!

    -Globe sucks like shit

  31. iloveglobeshet says:

    ay. yung insurance agency pala ang walang kwenta. Globe, kilos kilos din. Tatanga niyo eh.

  32. iloveglobeshet says:


  33. Ivy says:

    Hi ano requirements sa accdental damge? Ung phone ko naman naupuan ayun wasak screen. Wala narn kasi ung box nto at resibo.

  34. Tricia says:

    Hey! I just want to know what they did with your damaged phone. Did they get it or was it with you the whole time?

    1. Jr says:

      Hi Tricia…my phone got wet sa Boracay last May 9. My claim just got approved last week. I paid last Friday the participation fee of Php 7,500. Sabi nila, yung damaged phone ko isusurrender ko when the courier delivers the replacement. Bali kaliwaan. So nasakin lang yung phone ko the whole time. I just hope hindi ako matulad sa iba na inabot ng 2 months bago makuha yung phone. Maiinis lang talaga ako pag nangyare yun.

      What happened to your phone ba?

  35. bryan says:

    My phone Samsung Galaxy E7 stolen last July 2, I have filed a theft claim .. will they consider a negligence situation ba? kasi nag inuman kami found out na nawala na bagpack ko.? anyone who can help me para mapabilis process nun page claim ko..I already send the necessary documents.

  36. same situation here! Please answer.

  37. Bea Bunda says:

    Hey guys. Help naman just wanna know. Sa accidental damage ako. So sabi kailangan kaliwaan, meaning isusurrender ko ung phone once na nareceive ko na ung phone. What happens kung di ko na binalik ung phone?

    1. cristy says:

      Hi, na approve naba ang claim mo?

  38. Roxanne Leyva says:

    Hi po, I lost my phone just recently,. our home got robbed… pinasok po kami ng magnanakaw. I need help with my gadget shield, I already have with me the Police Report, Affidavit or Loss & Ownership, and the Claim Form… It says po kc na may babayaran pa, I am just not sure if magbabayad ba ako ng participation fee first or should I send the requirements first..? I just confused… Please help po…
    I lost my Phone January 24th, iPhone 6s plus and I did report to them on the 28th… they sent me an email about my call…
    Please help me with the process po… I am hoping na di maxadong matagal yung replacement 😦

    1. cristy says:

      Hi, what’s the update sa claim mo? I filed my claim last feb.4 pero il now wala paring approval.

      1. cristy says:

        When I filed mu claim. They’ve asked me to send all the claim documents sa email nila. Once ma approved saka pa lang babayaran yung participation fee. I filed my accidental damaged claim last feb. 4 pero til now wala paring approval. How about yours?

      2. Roxanne Leyva says:

        Mine got approved last Feb 17, then I paid the participation fee Feb 18 & the payment got posted the same day and received my replacement device Feb 24.

      3. Roxanne Leyva says:

        Hi everyone.. just wanna update you all. I am still using the replacement unit. It is still good 🙂

  39. Eric says:

    Hi Roxanne Leyva, Anyone from this thread 😦 Just wanted to share my experience with Globe Gadget Care:

    My iPhone 6 plus 64 gig space grey phone got stolen, the theft claim got approved May 17 and received the replacement phone 2 days after, my preferred date of delivery was saturday but they delivered it ahead, (thursday) it arrived May 19, my mailing address is in the province so i dint get to see it til i went home saturday night. Problem is, the moment i lifted the cardboard box, felt instantly that the phone inside is NOT PREMIUM, It was so light! I know my iPhone 6 plus, it was heavy and the feel on the hand is very premium, the smooth aluminium at the back, the buttons, the seamless front panel (the replacement phone has edges!) everything felt that it was well made and every part is precise. But with their phone replacement, it felt light, cheap and one big issue is the video recorder! When i record especially on low light, there are vertical lines! I am so upset given that I have been paying for the globe gadget care service since January 2015 and I paid the 7,500php participation fee. I felt that the replacement is not RIGHT i am not satisfied, totally disappointed with what they gave me. Yes, I know that in the contract that there’s a possibility to get a refurbished phone, but heck, the built quality of the phone they replaced my iPhone with is NOT what i am expecting to get. It should look, feel and function like a BRAND NEW iPhone! I don’t know how they procure their phones or where they get them but it sure feels like it’s not made to be an IPHONE. Believe me, when you hold this phone, you would instantly feel that it’s off and would make you think that it is fake. Yes. My sister also has the same model and definitely, hers is heavier and a bit thicker. I am really not sure what they did to this phone and what’s inside because of its weight.

    I have raised this concern to Globe and they advised me to go to the nearest globe store. I hope Globe and ACE insurance will do something about this. Given this experience, i will not recommend this service to anyone. I just cannot trust this insurance company anymore.

    Also just wanted to check if anyone from here experienced this with their replacement phones?

    Thank you very much for reading and thank you to the blog creator for opening up this channel.

    1. Hi Eric, I am a Smart Subscriber and with Smart Gadget Shield. But I think they have the same insurance company.
      My replacement device is actually exactly the same model as my lost one. I am very satisfied with it.

      1. Kerl says:

        Hi Roxanne, I am a smart subscriber also, and my phone got stolen yesterday. What procedures did you do po? Do I need to go to NTC?

      2. Roxanne Leyva says:

        Hi Kerl, first u need to go to a police station and file a report there… U need to specify the make & model, when and how ur phone got stolen etc… U need the Police Report as one of the Requirements… After that, call ace insurance and report ur incident, they will give u ur reference number.. Take note of that bacause you’ll need it as u follow up ur claim. Ace insurance will send you an email attaching their claim form, u need to fill that out, page 1&3…
        Then go to NTC to report ur lost phone, bring ur phone box, they need it for proof.
        Scan ur latest payment receipt from smart, and a valid ID… U need to send that within 30 days after filing a claim with Ace Insurance…
        They will call you up and/or email you once your claim is approved, the. You have to pay for the fee… After that, hintayin mo na lng yung replacement device mo… As far as experience, mabilis nmn po yung process…
        I got appoved Feb 17, then I paid the participation fee on 18, and received my replacement device on 27th

      3. Eric says:

        Hi Roxanne,

        Good for you 🙂 Mine’s replacement quality is really substandard. Video and photo quality is poor, it’s light, the buttons move, also noticed that it gets hot when taking videos, ( at 3 min mark, i can feel that the back is extra hot already, this did not happen to my old phone) I also got confirmation that they changed their partner, it’s now Sendco Technologies. They already took my phone for assessment, hopefully they’ll replace it with a brand new phone, since the refurbished phone they gave me is substandard/would not pass as a brand new iphone 6 plus.

        Thanks for your reply,


      4. Roxanne Leyva says:

        Hi Eric., thats really sad and i am so sorry to hear that… Hopefully they will replace u with a better one… 🙂

      5. Jed says:

        I went to the Police Station to file a police report, however, pag stolen kasi daw ung reason kailangan pa ng investigation before they can file a report. So sabi nila lost na lang ilagay para magawan na. Di kaya magkaproblema un sa filing ng claim? I fell prey to Dura Boys last night. Huhuhuhu.

  40. Ace says:

    Hi roxanne

    Yung s7edge ko kasi nasira yung screen na upuan ko yun biglang nasira may lumabas na deadpixel na subrang laki at ngayun lumalala ang sira… im under a 1 month globe gafget care…do u think na pwde ko papalitan to?

    1. Roxanne Leyva says:

      Hi Ace, if the incident happend within the covered period, pwede po… Once u call ace Insurance po kasi., they will initially interview u what happen.. Tawagan mo agad pra magkaroon ka agad ng record with them then provide all the requirements..

      1. Ace says:

        June 2 po kasi due date ng plan ko and nabSa ko sa globe na auto renew nman siya unless nag unsuscribe ako… kaso nttkot ako baka hindi na pasok sa replacement kong by lastweek of june na ako mag file wala pa ksi ako pang baya sa 7500

      2. Roxanne Leyva says:

        its okay po, within 30 days po from the day of approval naman po yung payment… efile nyo na lang po agad…

      3. Ace says:

        Hi roxanne

        Pwede ko po ba sabihin na may 5 naganap ang pag ka sira ng phone ko,o dapat ang sabihin ko ay noong nakaraang araw lang? Nabasa ko kasi sa info na it should be 7days of the accident

  41. Mariz says:

    Hi I’ve been reading all the post and complain on this site. I’ve been very dissapointed too…got my Iphone 6 replacement May 19 just to find out it’s defective then made the complain, they promise to replace it. May 24 received the 2nd replacement only to find out after 2 days it’s defective again. Been feed up and losing my patience with them. Service is sucks. I’ll terminate my insurance with globe useless….

    1. Eric says:

      Hi Mariz,

      Eric here with same issue, they replaced my iphone around 1st week of June (2nd replacement, since the 1st one has a defective camera). Just this weekend (July 9), I noticed a black spot on my camera (AGAIN?!) and it won’t go away. It’s a big fat black line at the bottom left. I am really very upset since they will send it for repair and it would take them 2 weeks (the agent mentioned that she cannot replace it and will just repair it), in addition, they will reset my phone, all contacts, important messages, gone, have to re donwload the apps again :(. I don’t know if i should raise it again with Globe gadget care. It’s very frustrating and it takes up a lot of your energy given that what they can provide are all refurbished. Hope they can improve their service or scrap the service instead.

      Dont know what to do yet. 😦


  42. V says:

    Hi! Just gonna share my Smart Gadget Shield experience:

    Feb 4,2016: Samsung Note 5 got stolen at the LRT around 3 weeks after getting it from Smart.

    3 days after,completed my requirements and sent my documents via courier.

    Followed up with Ace Insurance / Chubb every week via phone and email. They also reply with a generated one that says they’re following up my enrollment and coverage. Weeks of follow up and no new updates from Ace.

    Last week of June,received my settlement letter (got approved),and I need to pay the participation fee (7500php) within 45 days. Paid yesterday and I was told to follow up with them tomorrow.

    Hay. Wish me luck!

  43. V says:

    ^ Just gonna update my post for future reference.

    Received my Samsung Note 5 today from a company called Ecorenew (address is in taguig), so basically I think what I received is a refurbished phone.

    The courier told me to report any defects to Ace Insurance immediately so they can replace it. Hopefully nothing wrong happens with it in the next couple of weeks/months.

  44. Mike says:

    I guess they’re still at it. My phone was still under warranty when I noticed that the screen flickers when set in low brightness. So I had my phone checked and guess where it was sent…AIKONTECH!!! It took 2 weeks before they started communicating with me and then told me that the screen was not working and needed replacement with a fee. The phone was working ok with just the flickering when set to low brightness, when set to normal or high it was ok and now they tell me that the screen is not working and they are asking for a fee to repair it even if it was under warranty. So I said I will not pay for the repair so they sent it back. The whole point of it was worthless. AIKONTECH IS A SCAM!!!

    1. Wancha says:

      Hi Mike, you also got your unit through this insurance program?

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