Mambajao at Night — Capital (Camiguin)


Mambajao is a small town, and the capital of Camiguin. It is located at the North part of Camiguin. There was no big supermarket, and there were a few fully lit streets as well. We of course did not miss the chance to visit the original store of the infamous Vjandep Pastel which is always confused as a Cagayan de Oro delicacy.

DSC_0629 DSC_0631

While they were having chit-chat with owner of Vjandep, I took time to look around the area, when the light suddenly went out. I asked the Habal-habal driver about it and he explained to me that it was usual. It’s like they have two power sources (generator) and they interchange the two, so during the interchange, electricity goes out for around 30secs.

The capital was quite simple, with very kind people. We were actually lucky to be there on off-peak season so we got to witness the more usual lives of the people. The tourism of Camiguin recently flourished so the people were busy during peak season. Beyond the tourist-based lives of people in Mambajao, upon talking with one of the drivers, I really felt the sincere simplicity and contentment of the people.

DSC_0636 DSC_0640


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