Goodbye Marketing — Consumer Insights!

I would say that as a Graduate Trainee, being part of the CI Team of Mondelez was one of the most enlightening parts of my work. Well, since this blog is not supposed to be work-related, I will not be discussing about the team. I will focus on the two ladies whom I shared laughter with, and short meaningful life-based conversations: Charlie Nable and Jean Pioquinto. If there was one life lesson I learned from them is humility. They are the Executive Assistants of the Marketing Dept of Mdlz and they have served the company for almost a decade. And throughout their long stay in the company, they saw how it grew and they cherished it much. Though they know a lot about the company, they did not boast. Though their roles are crucial in the department, that was never the feeling they impressed on me.

They were always at the backstage. Now, it is time to highlight these people.



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