From Rep. Bello on the Pork Barrel Scam (Aug 19, 2013)

“I think the issue has gone beyond the pork barrel. The Napoles scam simply served as the spark that lighted the widespread public resentment against all the ills associated with the EDSA Republic: the sharp and widening inequality, the consolidation of dynasties from top to bottom, the all pervasive corruption, the lack of accountability of both elected and appointed officials, the transmogrification of protectors into wolves, like the labor officials that preyed on distressed OFWs. Was Rousseau right that with representative government, the “corporate will” of the so-called representatives displaces the general will of the masses? Is not the solid phalanx of the executive, legislature, and judiciary against popular questioning of their pork barrels an indication of how right he was? This realization hit me last Tuesday, when on the House of the floor, I pleaded for a relaxation of the rules so that whoever wanted to speak on the pork barrel should be given the right to speak. My request was opposed by a district congressman who said that since there was already a resolution to investigate the pork barrel issue, no more plenary speeches should be allowed and discussion should be confined to the appropriate committee. In other words, business as usual. Not only is the time ripe to abolish the pork barrel. It’s time for another eruption of the masses onto the political scene. Time for another episode of direct democracy. Time for a fourth EDSA. To slightly amend Thomas Jefferson, the tree of democracy, to live and grow, must be irrigated by periodic mass insurgencies.”

(thru Facebook)


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