My sister’s Oath Taking


June 30, 2013 – There was this one day that many of us (our family) looked forward to — oath taking. After the stressful campaign, financially, emotionally and physically, here comes the day that the feat becomes official. My sister’s party won 3 seats in the Sangguniang Bayan (out of 9 — 8 councilors, 1 Vice Mayor), and the town’s helm. My sister finished the race ranking 3rd, with the two candidates spending the most grabbing the top 2 spots.

Obviously, the 2013 election is the most memorable election I experienced since I was a kid. For one, my sister ran, and another is that I got exposed more to the current state of our town. Even I spent my teenage years up to recent in Metro Manila, I always consider San Fabian my home. Being involved in the campaign exposed me to the different areas of our town, and also the different problems it has.

Politics is dirty, I get it. But if there is one thing I know, I am happy that even at the age of 21, my sister took up the challenge to be the youngest councilor our town ever had, if not even the whole province. Actually, it is not about just being young, but being new in the atmosphere of politics. I saw other young candidates on local and national elections, but their credibility was surely rooted from their surname, but my sister is different.

Indeed, it was a memorable time being soaked in the sun’s UV rays. It was a simple oath-taking — as simple as the lives of the people in our town. But in its simplicity lies its beauty and tranquility I will never get in any other place.

It was a day of hope. After 12 years of leadership from our past mayor and his wife, the town is now free from corruption and dirty politics, at least in the mayoralty level.


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