Dahilayan, Bukidnon

Dahilayan is a baranggay in the town of Manolo Fortich in Bukidnon. We rode a van going there and it took us almost 2 hours to experience the wide space of pine trees. The ambient temperature was pretty cold as the Dahilayan Forest Park is situated on a low rise mountain.

Before getting to Dahilayan, we drove through the pineapple plantation of Dole.




They said there are lots of pineapple in the plantation, but upon getting there, we didn’t see any pineapple plant with a fruit on it. Good thing a “lost” small pineapple was on the ground, and very willing to be the specimen on this picture.



Of course Dahilayan Forest Park is proud of its 840m zipline — the longest in Asia. This picture is actually at the end of the long zipline experience, and was just made for the purpose of documentation. On your “fly”, you’ll get to see the pines and other trees on the mountain, with the cold breeze of air.

It was a bit scary at the beginning, but once you feel that the harness is safe, everything will be smooth. Make sure to scream out loud on your ‘fly’.



We had to ride this mini-van to go to the starting point of the zipline.


The Forest Park does not just boast its extreme rides, but also its park. Here are some pictures:








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