Fantasy and Reality of SEC-related Love Stories Part 1

SEC: Socio-economic class

Let us simply cluster the SEC of boys and girls as rich, normal and poor. Our TVs and movies have been filled with SEC-related love stories and never failed to garner our interest. Now, let us try to discuss these different combinations.

For the first installment, it’s when a rich boy meets the girl…

Rich Boy-Rich Girl

On a country ruled by 1% coming from class AB, this would be a regular thing for the rich kids to be together. We’re in an elitist culture and no wonder if rich boy would want to look for a rich girl. Of course, a rich girl would also want to continue the materialistic security she had during her childhood so she would expectedly look for someone rich.

For kids of business tycoon, it’s the good relationship of two businesses. For kids from the rich schools, it’s the elite couple move.

Advantage: Rich couple

Disadvantage: Small pool of selection

Hard Reality: It’s an elite world

Rich Boy-Normal Girl

the mistress
The Mistress

Now this is a boring pair to watch. I imagine this as a rich boy touring around the building of his family business meeting a new hire who looks pretty. This has a slight possibility, but a small prerequisite for the woman: she has the potential to be rich. A rich boy would want to date rich girls as a trophy, or as a comfort relationship. Now, to meet up the standards, the woman has to have the potential to succeed, someone he will be proud with even surrounded by his rich friends.

Another alternative is that she has to be beautiful. His rich friends would ask him why he chooses a “regular” girl. Now, let the looks speak for itself.

Advantage: Likely happening and might be common dreams are shared

Disadvantage for the boy: The girl might actually prove to be better than the boy

Disadvantage for the girl: The boy might be toying around

Hard Reality: Proving yourself is more difficult when you are not part of the elite class

Rich Boy-Poor Girl

Now this is real drama.

maya sir chief
Maya and Sir Chief

Name it, the dramas got it!

Sir Chief and Maya would know this feeling. Maria la del Barrio would surely know this.

It’s a big romantic dream that a rich boy would pursue a girl out of her extraordinaire. Pretty, humble, clean and soft-spoken woman is chased by a rich playboy who happens to realize that he is destined to love this girl. Then, the whole world would try to separate them.

Good story, but unlikely to happen. In an elitist society, rich kids do not even look at poor people. There is no interaction. The rich boys would rather be spending the whole night with barkada on the upscale clubs and hook up with the girls there.

If the rich boy would even talk to the poor girl, maybe when the poor girl washes his dishes, or when the girl assists the boy in fitting shoes in a shoe store.

Advantage: A love story to cherish

Disadvantage for the boy: Reputation to rich friends

Disadvantage for the girl: Rich boys’ friends looking down on her

Hard Reality: If you can’t prove yourself, the elite must pity you to help you out, or you are simply extraordinary


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