Paoay Church – Ilocos Trip

Excited about seeing this historical church, Marlon was the first one to have a picture with the church’s facade.


According to, “St. Augustine Church, or more popularly called Paoay Church, in Ilocos Norte is one of the the oldest churches in the Philippines and is among the major attractions of Ilocos Norte.

Built of coral blocks and stucco-plastered bricks, the architecture is a unique combination of Gothic, Baroque and Oriental. Construction of the church was started in 1704 and completed in 1894. A few meters away is the coralstone belltower which served as observation post of the “Katipuneros” during the Philippine Revolution, Paoay Church is included in the UNESCO’s World Heritage List.”


This is the  upclose look of the walls of the church’s facade.


The glass art on the archs are actually interesting.





A closer look at the walls of the church reveals its beauty and design.


Of course, taking note that it is a UNESCO site is always the deal “maker” for the trip here.


The tower is really amazing when you closely look at it. Ace gives a wild stare at the tower.


And we can’t leave the place without a group shot.



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