China Town (Binondo) Food Trip

Started the whole China Town trip with our Binondo-insider friend. As you can see, this day also started being with two Chinese around me, and me wearing a red shirt. All set for the trip.


Stop #1: So we are in Quick-Snack. This is near the Binondo Church. This store offers a wide array of Chinese snacks. Prepare around 150 pesos to enjoy their offerings.


Then we transferred. Bon is even excited to go to the next site. Different street vendors welcomed our way to next store.


Stop #2: Snacks part 2 as we taste another batch of food. It’s the Wai Ying Fastfood.


Since I am not good in memorizing, let me just discuss with you the food components. First, this, it has a soft carbo outside, and shrimp inside. Super sarap!


Next is ‘adidas’ or Chicken’s feet. Sarap ng balat.


Next is this delicious strip with meat inside. Make sure it is submerged in the sauce.


Then this “breaded fried salad”. Not my type.


Stop #3: Main Meal. I can’t read Chinese characters so I can’t really tell what place this actually is.


Look at Jape, he is so excited to eat our order.


Even Bianca feels the same way.


This one heavy soup which up to 3 people can share. This is made from one whole dough pillow then repeatedly stretched until it becomes strings.


And of course, the dumplings!


Stop #4: Estero. Considered eating frogs? Yes you must try it. Next stop is the LGA Fastfood.


The fried frogs are actually yummier than what you think. Of course, it’s crunchy!


First, this is their interesting canned cold tea which I never tasted since I was already full from the previous stores.


Stop #5: Sugar cane juice. Indeed, I remember the sugar cane I used to chew. Must-try.


Well, that’s all. We were around 20 people and we pooled our money (P500 each) to make this foodtrip more efficient.


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