Paglalamo (Pagbabalsa) at San Fabian, Pangasinan

Just when I though that I knew our town so much was also the time that I was challenged to do something new.

After campaigning for my sister, I woke up with my cousins and a bunch of friends. Then my aunt invited us to “lamo”. Without any doubt, we hurried to get outside.

We explored the river with the longest bridge in our town. I used to stare at this river whenever I pass through the heavily used bridge. When I was younger, I saw kids jumping off the bridge and swiftly dive in to the river. I remember I used to call this “beach”.


Good thing the water was calm and roving around was actually manageable. We only used a single paddle and long bamboo stick to ‘travel’ the river.


It took us around 3 hours to go around.



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