Nasugbu, Batangas

It was a one-hour stay in Nasugbu, Batangas. Gray sand, cool wind, long shore and fine soft sand. This place is good for family outing.

You can go near Jhandel Resort. Upon reaching the main street of Nasugbu, turn left upon reaching Jollibee. Then straight ahead, there is a free parking there. You can just rent a cottage around the vicinity.

The place is not much commercialized. But development like Pico de Loro, Punta Fuego and Island Cove would also be nice places for you at a higher cost of course. But if it’s really the beach that you’re interested in, no need to stay in these places. Just make sure you have company.

A. The shore. The shore was quiet when we got there.

DSC_0066 2

B. Walk by the shore. Make sure you wear slippers (not shoes). Enjoy the soft sand.


C. A simple refreshment with the sari-sari stores. These people L-R (Jason, Iska, Tina) posing.


D. And make sure to have an epic shot once you get there.



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