Top 10 Events of 2012 and Event of the Year (That are Relevant to Me)

5 – ESC and USC

This year, I have ended my term as the Head of the Engineering Student Council and began my journey with the University Student Council. These two councils have similarities, but of very much difference. The attacks and takes on different issues are different, so are its solutions and actions. The transition has not much been difficult, but as I went by 2012, I have experienced and known UP by being part of these two organizations.


4 – Joining Kraft Foods Phils

I remember riding the MRT every morning rushing with the rest of the working class. This when I realized that I am already actually joining the working force of this country, and I am beginning to see the responsibility that I am taking. Living in Quezon City, it was of much difficulty to have a comfortable trip going to Paranaque.


I saw how a corporation competes with other corporations, and how a member of a private organization must keep up with the rest. Puregold as my very first experience in Kraft, I have travelled to Pampanga, Bulacan, CaMaVa area, Bicol and Tuguegarao. I have dealt with different people inside the company, and so much people in the stores and streets. Different people, different aspirations.


Kraft gave me the opportunity to listen to different people with different backgrounds.

3 – Impeachment of CJ Corona

This may be the most dramatic TV series for this year. With much of the tension it has brought our country, the impeachment trial reminded us of the issue of integrity. Much has already been said from the trial, but the biggest challenge was not the trial, but how it exemplified justice. If Corona was removed from his post because of betrayal of public trust, how come the other members of the congress has not revealed their SALNs as well?

2 – Passage of RH Bill, Sin Tax Bill and Cybercrime

The biggest debate of the year – passa ge of RH Bill. Even my colleague and I discussed this on our way to the store opening of Puregold San Pablo. The Catholic church explicitly gave their stand against the bill primarily because of the provision on contraceptives. For them, such would be anti-life. However, I disagree with them. I took part on the mass demonstrations outside the House of Congress to pressure the House on discussing this matter.

Sin Tax Bill – the long-waited bill. Not because it took a while before it was drafted, but because it took a while before it was discussed. It’s about time to reform the taxation on the things that cause health complications. I do not see much difference on planting marijuana with planting tobacco. Even cigarettes and alcohol become less affordable, the Filipinos will find their ways to adjust with this.

Cybercrime Prevention Law – too much attention from the online users. But it is crucial that the Filipino people spoke about this. But again, romanticized. Or I just don’t see why much attention has been given to this when there are more important bills.

1 – Continuous struggle to pass the FOI Bill

Pnoy shared about the “matuwid na daan”. But in what material should that pavement be made of? For me, it’s integrity. This country is filled with corrupt officials. The Filipino people has disgusted and lost trust with the government, and just rode with its filth.

Corrupt mayor? Who cares, every mayor is corrupt. The problem is there’s no proof.

Corrupt congressman? Who cares, every congressman is corrupt. The problem is there’s no proof.

Corrupt judge? Who cares, every judge is corrupt. The problem is there’s no proof.

Even the police and traffic enforcers are not trusted by the people. They are treated with fear not because they implement the law, but they have corrupted to law to earn some cash.


The Freedom of Information Bill is the progressive bill that shall help us be free of this long-standing corruption. This bill has been struggled by the people who believe in clean governance. I have seen the people fighting for this, and how much other “powerful” people blocked this. I suspect because they will be hit hard this bill be passed.

I have experienced going inside the House of Congress and Senate as part of the fight for this bill.

Event of the Year: Graduation! No description needed.


Others: 6 – Olympics, 7 – Habagat, 8 – May 1 Rally, 9 – Indakan 2012 and Engg Week, 10 – General Assembly of Student Councils


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