Make Today Delicious

The past week has been pretty exhilarating for me. It was five days of orientation of the company I chose to be with: Kraft Foods Philippines. Well, technically, they chose me.

From Quezon City to Sucat, Paranaque, I arrived at the company floor each day with excitement and exhilaration. I had the chance to be with 10 great and amazing people to be my batchmates in this program.

High 5 as we call ourselves being the 5th batch of Graduate (Management) Trainees, the bond created among us during the 5-day on-boarding session significantly built ties between us with the commitment to make each day delicious.

After this post, the eleven of us will be physically separated for a few months. Different sets of challenges shall come upon us. Different character tests shall come, which excites me the most. After a few months, more maturity shall come in our lives and transform us some more beyond the college experience.

Beyond the brands, the operational excellence, the compensation, it is the commitment of Kraft that I want to pledge my allegiance to: Make Today Delicious. Yes, it is my day that will be made delicious by working hard and give my strength to the tasks I would have. More than myself is a greater commitment to the Filipino people that this company shall make their lives delicious.

It took me 22 years before getting into this job. I have waited for this since I was young. I am excited and proud to be part of this organization.

All my future is in His hands!


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