Ingredients I wish not to see this Christmas

1. Pasas
Possible hosts: ulam and gelatin

Did parents ever consider the fact that 99.9% of the children population picks the pasas out of the food, and throw them away?

If already intaken, they spit out the pasas.

Some children are unlucky to actually eat some of them.

Yes, I am one with the children removing pasas especially in the pink gelatin.

2. Green Peas
Possible hosts: vegetable mix and ulam

Seriously, what’s the unique taste of green peas? What’s special about it except its dusty texture when you squeeze it?

3. Bell Pepper
Possible hosts: spaghetti and ulam

I remember my MILE days when we were in a challenge to come up with a ‘nutritious and tasty’ viand for Php100. We bought a bell pepper. I asked them if ‘masarap ba ang bell pepper’ because what is actually running in my mind is its special taste that ruins my sopas experience.

Some of them said “yes” with conviction in their faces, so out of respect and teamwork, I put my faith to their taste buds and didn’t argue some more.

As for my Christmas, I wish not see and taste any trace of bell pepper.

4. Pinya
Possible hosts: ulam, salad and gelatin

Who ever thought of incorporating pinya in Filipino dish? Tell me.
Who ever thought of incorporating pinya in gelatin? Tell me.


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  1. martgeronia says:

    Sumasang-ayon ako sa lahat ng mga sahog na yan! hahaha. Lalo na sa pasas at sa bell pepper, Sino ba namang nag-isip na i-dehydrate ang ubas at gawing sahog sa kung saan-saan? hahaha

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