de Castro and Sanchez back in lime light

I rarely comment on local TV scene, but this one caught my attention. It started when me and my friends ate at Lutong Bahay when we urged ourselves to watch the first night-back of Noli de Castro (former VP of Philippines) and Korina Sanchez (supposedly the first lady of Philippines) on TV Patrol.

Failon, Noli, Korina

Romanticized as we consider it, it built great excitement among the watchers. Aside from the news and 3d effect featured by TV Patrol, these celebrities kept the watchers entertained.

The wrinkles of Noli de Castro, the imeldific look of Korina Sanchez, and the dominating voice of Failon intimidated me.

What I want to stress is that the integrity of the news does not rely on the people who deliver it but to the news itself, and of course to the source. The main source, no matter how much they change the news anchors, is the News department of the network. The ‘other’ station kept on proving their integrity which I think tries to prove that the network of these three anchors are questionable.

I can’t directly prove which network really has integrity, but I could say that the news industry is getting more “dramatic” and somehow entertaining.


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