ESC Planning Seminar 2

Pansol, Laguna – the day started with an untruthful time of departure. We left UP by 4pm and arrived at Mountain Peak around 7:30PM.

As we were driving up the hill a few meters away from the venue, Kuya George our driver, told us to get off the van. Panicking, we ran up the hill hoping to get into the venue soon. Then we suddenly heard him shout “Bakit niyo ako iniwan?”. We flew back to him.

With all the chills and horrific ambience of the hill around us, we asked for some help. Eventually, the other van came to help us with our bags then we just walked up the hill.

Getting there, I helped out by organizing the room assignment of people and assured that everyone has a space to sleep. Rant: it was supposed to be a EnggWeek meeting. Department meetings are supposed to be done before it.

Though I still consider the PlanSem to be inefficient, I regard it as a unifying activity. Unlike the PlanSem1, dining was divided by committee. Committee division was not apparent.

Moving to the fun part, this is the only planning activity that had no junk food and merienda. There was no grocery for snacks and no one brought snacks! We were at the top of the hill so buying food at the town proper was a peculiar idea. Haha

Aside from that, we shared baso. After our Day2 lunch, we shared a single glass. The free measuring plastic glass of the ricecooker.

(Tinatamad na akong ituloy).


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