Bumalik ako sa napakamemorable na lugar: Bicutan. Naaalala ko ang summer bago magfirst year college noong nawala ako sa vicinity ng lugar na ‘yun para lang maipasa ang documents ko for scholarship. It was the perfect time to completely entrust Him of what to do.

Naaalala ko ang kanta ng GMA noon na “Sa Diyos nagtitiwala, sa sarili’y naniniwala.” I knew I had to trust Him that time and believe that I could get out of the dilemma I was in.

Yesterday, I went there again which brought back all the memories. Laughing I was at my head, but deep inside, I knew I had to adjust myself.

Along the way, I saw a signage which said “Nalalaman natin ang halaga ng well (tubig) kapag wala ng tubig”. Nagulo ang utak ko because of too many things I mind.

Changing topic, I want to commit on appreciating people while they are here. While I have them. Hopefully, I get to live a life of appreciating the value of the people around me not when they’re gone, not when I feel their absence, but in every moment I share with them.

Well that’s quite a nice life!


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