To have a brighter look at the world again.

The month of June has been challenging to me. I had to face people, friends and circumstances with utmost care. The responsibility I had ate me. I know that I did my best but at the latter part of June, I knew I brokedown. All the stress and hardships that I kept inside me began to burst out.

I looked at the world as if it does not help. I mean the surroundings.

But now that July is coming, I want to retrieve the outlook of looking things in a light and a positive manner. I know some people tainted my sight, but maybe I should start looking at it in a cheerful light.

I rode a jeep with Ate Rye and her colleague and they were talking about the amazing goat in the College of Science Building. While they were talking about that was the time I was overthinking about the things bothering me. That I was amplifying my concerns. Unlike them, they were just talking about a simple goat and they were happy. Happy with simple things.

I remember the video showed to us last Sunday. A man was problematic. All the bad luck in a day came to him. He was late but he was at the tail of the line. He loathed people that blocked him and made his morning wrecked. With his pissed-off face, a man approached him and asked him to wear a special eyeglasses.

He took it and wore it. Then he suddenly saw labels on people.


He saw the people labelled with their own problems. Perhaps from that point on he realized that everyone had their own concern.

Him being self-centered understood what he can do to others. That he could offer a hand or a simple conversation. That it was not just him who had problems. That it was not just him who needed answers.

That he can be a blessing. That he can look at things in a brighter look.


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