So far, so busy.

(A post for the sake of having a post.)

The day has been pretty mind-stretching for me. I woke up with a disgusting sleepiness. I even slept straight during our 20-minute break in my class. Series of meetings and arrangements kept my brain busy for today. And so far, I like it. At least I am sure that I am not “petix!”.

What is so special this day? I can’t answer my HW? Not really.

I saw pictures again and I rememebered my fondness of taking pictures! But I don’t have the right camera. Chico Garcia is one of the persons I really look up to when it comes to this matter. Maybe one of his “imba” points is that he gets to travel a lot and he has a good opporunity to take pictures. I would also like to be that person.

I want to go to Batanes. Ugh. Can’t wait for my first job payment…

Talking about jobs, last Saturday, we delivered the Commencement Exercise of our college (Engineering) and many parents outside, sadly they’re late, were not able to get in. So they were stuck outside yelling at us because they wanted to watch the graduation. We insisted that we had policies we were observing when it comes to punctuality.

One of them courageously shouted that if we wanted to become CEO’s we must think outside the box. But we did all our best to remind them to come on time since we can not entertain late comers. It’s peculiar that a person challenging you to become a CEO challenges simple time policy.

Yes, I agree that for innovation to take place, we must not limit our outlooks. But I believe that if really want to be CEO, we must stick to the policies. Those policies were repeated over again. And it was a simple instruction: Come on Time.

We said that we will start at 8am, we did. We can not sacrifice the quality of experience of the graduating batch with the errors of some people. The policy is even written in the ticket. Well, it saddened me that some people think to this extent.

Maybe, when I enter the corporate world, I would have a better say on this.


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