2009 in a nutshell (good memories only)

March 24, 2009 – 10:30 PM

(No content is meant to harm anyone.)

Final remarks as I end this year.

January to March, I applied into two organizations: UP Circle of IE Majors and UP Streetdance Club. April and May, I took ES 11 (Ong-se) under Sir Ong and Bio1. It was a fairly fun summer since I transferred into another room with some friends. It was a rollercoaster summer. Every Tuesday and Thursday night, we had training in Streetdance. June to August, I was finally a super IE student. I started to have my majors.

September, Streetdance held CHOSEN GROUND 5: Reboot. It was really really exciting. Though it was really stressful, I guess first time performing in a UP Street event would be really memorable. I struggled to stay awake in classes due to practices until midnight. October, first sem finals. First sem finals. November, UP CIEM celebrated its 33rd year of unparalleled passion to serve the IE studentry. December, Engineeering Week ended my year with a blast.

So what do I plan for next year?
I can only speak for my organization now. I am planning to devote my energy and time to UP Circle of IE Majors. Participating in Engineering Week instilled me more passion to and for the organization.

As an exchange, I might be inactive in UP Streetdance Club. First, I want to make sure that I smoothly go through my fourth year. Second, a year of wonderful experience in dancing with UP Streetdance Club might be already enough. It’s time for me to be involved more in a place where I could be of more help – my college!

I am excited seeing UP Circle of IE Majors fully utilizing the talents of its members – IE majors. I know it is more of a challenge for everyone in the organization to excel.

As they say,ivory looks white with black. But UP Circle of IE Majors is paired with a shining-shimmering organization that has a pool of manpower from the whole college, and different areas of the university.

So what’s the best mistake I did in 2009?
To forget on January 2009 that I had yet no plans of applying into any IE org that time.

Back November 2008, I already had two app forms of the other org. Prepared my Form 5. I knew some people there who could help me with my application. But I said “Not this sem.”

But then, January 2009, I got an application from UP Circle of IE Majors. I filled it up, then folded it like I didn’t care much.

Seriously, in our IE classes, we are outnumbered. But I believe, passion is enough to level.

“Greatness does not come in number. Spartans knew this. Well, I know it too.”


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