Kwentong Bagyong Ondoy
Not me.

After the stressful friday night, I woke up early Saturday morning knowing that it’s Signal No. 1. Took a bath then flew to Palma Hall. More than the wet experience of walking from my dorm to Palma Hall was the unclear sight due to the heavy rain. I knew that that morning would be one of the wettest experiences I’ll have.

I bought taho to ease myself.

Together with my groupmates, we rode a PhilCoA jeep around 10am. When we were in the jeepney, these two barker kids were talking aloud the reason of existence of things. Aside from the free entertainment they gave us, I felt happy that though most kids are now more indulged into cyber games, spoonfed with facts, and iving in automated stuff, some kids still take time to ask the basic questions.

“Bakit may kanan?”
“Kasi may kaliwa.”
“Bakit may kaliwa?”

We rode a bus going to National Museum. At 11, we got stuck in Quezon Avenue near Espana. Obviously, UST is already flooded. At 11:30, we only moved 4 inches. We knew that we will not end up into anything, so we decided to get off the bus and try our luck going back to UP.

A jeepney came and like a lightning, it was completely filled. The jeepney  passed West Avenue and EDSA. By, 1pm, we were still stuck in EDSA.  Good thing, our jeepney was just beside TriNoMa. After deep analysis how to get to UP as fast and as safe as possible, we gave into our hunger. We ate a handful at KFC TriNoma.

By 1:30, we won riding a taxi. We had many “competitors” for the taxi. Manong driver dropped us at Department of Agrarian Reform, and from there we started walking. Or swimming.

The flood was up to our knees. People were struggling on the uneven path.

Then we got into the real test: Commonwealth. The first part was knee-line. But when we got to McDonald’s side, it almost reached my hips. Though quite dirty, I enjoyed the walking/swimming the street flood. Brown and sticky.

I pictured the movie “Deep Impact” while we were walking. People were walking in Commonwealth.

A pick-up appeared. Well, a good man perhaps was driving it. He rode some walking people. Someday, I will also do that.

All the time we were walking, I knew I had an advantage over the people with car.


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